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Re: TomTom to contest Microsoft patent lawsuit ..

From: Doug Mentohl
Subject: Re: TomTom to contest Microsoft patent lawsuit ..
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 21:09:40 +0000
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amicus_curious wrote:

Apparently the claim is not without some merit, though.  The article goes on to 

"Martijn den Drijver, analyst at SNS Securities, said given that TomTom rival Garmin 
(GRMN.O) has already licensed technology from Microsoft, it s likely that TomTom will 
settle the case and pay a licence fee."

"A prolonged legal battle at this point, with an uncertain outcome, does not make sense,"

Maybe the Open Invention Network and the FSF should get involved with some of the financing, and any other company out there that don't want to pay the ms IP innovation tax. What effect would MS losing have on their IP portfolio?

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