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Re: Microsoft's IP chief on TomTom, Linux and patents ..

From: 7
Subject: Re: Microsoft's IP chief on TomTom, Linux and patents ..
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 21:36:59 GMT
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Doug Mentohl wrote:

> Q: Is the technology being used by TomTom something it developed on its
> own, or is it outside or open-source technology that they're using?
> Gutierrez: Well, it's hard for me to tell where the technology comes
> from .. the case involves infringement of Microsoft patents by TomTom
> devices that employ both proprietary and open-source software code ..
> .. three of the eight patents in this dispute read on the Linux kernel
> as implemented by TomTom. The other five relate to car navigation
> proprietary software used by TomTom ..
> What I mean is the patents cover the implementation of the Linux kernel
> done by TomTom in their products ..
> Each case is different, and this one is specifically about the use of
> software by TomTom in its devices ...

The most vigorous way Tom Tom can defend itself is to eliminate support
for micoshaft products and ask the Open Source community to help it write
EXT2 drivers for all its products. And then freely distribute the sources
to help all the China, Korea and Taiwan manufacturers to eliminate
support for micoshaft products.

Micoshaft has turned to attacking its customers and supporters.
It won't stop here.
Now that google has risen to 75% value of Micoshaft Corporation,
and Micoshaft is sinking FAST, Micoshaft is under real threat of destruction
at the hands of competitors. So it lashes out at its customers
and supporters. Just drop support for micoshaft products from all your
range and start switching to Linux.

The stock market is asking Micoshaft to cut its workforce from 90,000
to 50,000 - meaning it should ditch its OS side of the business
and let it go open source.

There is no way to spin it out - because the OS division doesn't
generate enough money to feed all the developers in the crowded
OS market dominated Linux which has the majority share of server markets
and embedded markets.

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