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Re: consider the facts of the Stac case..

From: Doug Mentohl
Subject: Re: consider the facts of the Stac case..
Date: Mon, 02 Mar 2009 18:51:54 +0000
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amicus_curious wrote:

Well, consider the facts of the Stac case  ..

Microsoft wanted STAC to give away STACKER, and when they wouldn't comply went ahead and included it in DOS 6.0 anyway renaming it DoubleSpace. When called on it by Stac went to a third party VertiSoft and released DriveSpace, a clone of STACKER :)

"stac says they are interested in doing something and our proposal is a
good start" May 1992

"Vertisoft will develop the Stacker conversion utility to our spec .. We have a total exclusive to DoubleDisk", May 1992

> They had very little money invested in that product, far less than what they got from MS.

They were a company involved in data compression, before they got fucked over by MS ..

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