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Zonker on Open Source licenses ..

From: Doug Mentohl
Subject: Zonker on Open Source licenses ..
Date: Tue, 03 Mar 2009 11:59:04 +0000
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If you're altering for internal use only, typically there's no requirement to do anything. If you alter the software and redistribute, then it depends on the license whether you need to make changes available or not, how you need to acknowledge the original software, and so forth ..

There's also the matter of the so-called 'viral' nature of the GPL, which means that if you incorporate GPLed software into your product, you may need to distribute the entire thing -- not just the original GPLed product ..

Note that mere aggregation doesn't mean you have to GPL the entire thing. So, for instance, if you have a program that does its own thing distributed with a bunch of other software, that doesn't mean all the other software has to be GPLed. But, if it's 'derived' from the GPLed software, then you need to GPL the entire lot.

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