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NYC LOCAL: Friday 6 March 2009: A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Bre

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Friday 6 March 2009: A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Break Up of ATT
Date: 5 Mar 2009 12:09:42 -0500

  what="official announcement, with extra information from Evan Korth"
  sponsors="Internet Society New York Chapter
            Open Infrastructure Alliance
  note-on-diction="Broadband is not the Net.
                   Broadband is a bundle of services
                   provided to customers of a few large companies.
                   The Net is the world communications system
                   open to all without let or hindrance."
  note="More speakers are coming."
  personal-remark="The speakers are extraordinary."

 From: "Bruce Kushnick" <>
 To: <>
 Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2009 03:41:43 -0500
 Subject: [OIA] TOMORROW!! Agenda update for 25th Anniversary of the AT&T Break 


 Complete agenda and speaker bios at: 

 EVENT: Has Divestiture Worked?
 A 25th Anniversary Assessment of the Breakup of AT&T

 LOCATION: New York University, Warren Weaver Hall 251 Mercer St. Room 109.
 PRICE: ADMISSION IS FREE. (RSVP requested, by email to:
 -or- Facebook, LinkedIn, or MeetUp ISOC-NY)

 If you're concerned with the future of the Internet:

 How does America get gigabit, open and ubiquitous, broadband telecom 

 The goal of this conference is to outline the history of the last 25 
 years, discuss the current market issues, then give a view of the 
 future of broadband and telecom in the US that has been mostly untold 
 in the media. It is a future that leads to ubiquitous, very high 
 speed networks based on an infrastructure that is open to all 
 competitors -- giving customers choice, lower prices and new quality 
 products and innovative services. And widely acknowledged as critical 
 for long term economic growth.

 Carl Mayer, Esq.  The State of Privacy in the US.
 Kenneth Levy      Former FCC telecom lawyer at the time of Divestiture.
 Lou Klepner       The New York City Co-op Fiber Network

 AGENDA (subject to change)

 PANEL 1: Historical perspective:
 * Bruce Kushnick       An overview and leading financial indicators. What 
                        happened over the last 25 years?
 * Tom Allibone         Consumers: telephony costs and other issues of
 * & Dean Landsman      and broadband.
 * Ken Levy             Living history, perspective from within FCC 
                        during the Break Up!
 * Alex Goldman         ISP/CLEC industry: regulatory follies over the past 
 * Mark Cooper          The Failure of Market Fundamentalism in the Telecom 
                        Sector: How Deregulation Derailed Divestiture or The
                        Operation was 
                        Successful, but the Patient Died

 PANEL 2: The Present State:
 * Jonathan Askin       The legal/regulatory environment then and now.
 * Dave Burstein        Broadband market roundup
 * Joe Plotkin          Small business broadband needs, and surviving as a 
                        small competitive provider.
 * David Rosen          What filmmakers and other creators need to know
 * Carl Mayer           Privacy and the latest on the wiretapping case

 PANEL 3: The Future State and Alternative Approaches:
 * Fred Goldstein       The current state of fiber optic networks. Are new 
                        models like Structural Separation needed now?
 * Lou Klepner          NYC co-op fiber network
 * Dana Spiegel         The future of broadband spectrum
 * W. Scott McCollough  Legally rewiring telecom infrastructure: What is 
                        possible? Divestiture2? Separation?

 For More Information:
 Joe Plotkin
 T: 646-502-9796

 Internet Society, New York Chapter

 Open Infrastructure Alliance

Distributed poC TINC:

Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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