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Re: MS tired -- Google bad

From: amicus_curious
Subject: Re: MS tired -- Google bad
Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 08:24:32 -0500

"Rjack" <> wrote in message">


The lawyer President Obama tapped to crack down on monopolies has
criticized Google for cornering the market on online advertising and
moving to do the same on so-called “cloud computing.”
. . .

“For me, Microsoft is so last century. They are not the problem,”
Varney said at the June panel. Google’s dominance could lead to a
“repeat of Microsoft,” she said, asserting Google has already
“acquired a monopoly in Internet online advertising.”


Do you suppose that there are any e-mails laying about that show that Google conspired to cut off MSN's or Yahoo's air supply? Google has established a weird kind of market wherein millions of advertisers pay a few pennies to get the attention of someone look for information about something that the advertiser can supply. Granted that it turned into something big and popular, just like PC OS platforms did, but that is still no excuse for prosecuting the winner for working diligently to keep the copycats from trying to horn in on the deal. They own that market because they created it.

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