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Re: Tom Tom and Microsofts Linux patent lock-down ..

From: Andrew Halliwell
Subject: Re: Tom Tom and Microsofts Linux patent lock-down ..
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 17:09:27 +0000
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Alan Mackenzie <> wrote:
>> It'd stop a lot of fishing for out of court settlements if the accused was
>> no longer terrified of being bankrupted for being found not guilty. Where's
>> the justice in that? The innocent should face absolutely no consequences for
>> being willing to defend themselves and winning.
> And, let's be honest, the losing party shouldn't have to face bankruptcy
> either.
If they file idiotic cases like SCO did, they deserve it. If they're
determined to pick on the little guy with no proof they even have the right
person (like in the RIAA's examples), they do too.
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