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Re: Tom Tom and Microsofts Linux patent lock-down ..

From: Snit
Subject: Re: Tom Tom and Microsofts Linux patent lock-down ..
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 14:45:06 -0700
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Alan Mackenzie stated in post gpp13f$23n5$ on 3/17/09 1:27

>> That's why suits are slow.
> A historian once told me that in 13th century England, litigants put
> their disputes personally to their feudal lord (hence the word "sheriff")
> and the matter was settled there and then, and it tended to be fair and
> just.  The essentials of the setup then were the same as now, except for
> the hiring of "gladiators".  That suggests that the slowness is not due
> to the factors you list above.

The concept of a sheriff, I believe, comes from a "shire reeve", or a serf
the other serfs elected to handle disputes, partly so the Lords would not
have to deal with such things.

Would have to look that up though... feel free if you want.  :)


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