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Re: IBM doesn't like the GPL

From: AZ Nomad
Subject: Re: IBM doesn't like the GPL
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 12:02:02 -0500
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On Thu, 19 Mar 2009 17:25:13 +0100, Alexander Terekhov <> wrote:

>chrisv wrote:
>> Alexander Terekhov wrote:
>> >If IBM acquires SUN you can be assured that open sourced version of Java
>> >will end up as either eclipse or apache project with its license changed
>> >away from the GPL pretty soon.
>> It would be forked.

>By whom? Anyway, the fork won't be called Java and won't have a chance
>to keep pace with IBM/SUN controlled open sourced Java project.

>> >Buh-bye GPL'd Java.
>> Idiot.

>I know that you are not quite smart, chrissy.

Do you have any idea how idiotic you sound when you parade the four
year old's "no I'm not you are" argument?

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