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Re: Red Hat on patent FUD

From: Ezekiel
Subject: Re: Red Hat on patent FUD
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 08:10:12 -0400

"ml2mst" <> wrote in message 
> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ Doug Mentohl on Tuesday 17 March 2009 18:49 : \____
>>> 'the purpose of this portfolio is defensive .. because of the threats 
>>> of
>>> companies that are hostile to FOSS and that have amassed large
>>> stockpiles of overbroad patents'
>>> 'Although there have been some recent questions about one of our patent
>>> applications relating to the AMQP specification, they appear to
>>> originate in an attempt to spread FUD. Theres no reasonable, objective
>>> basis for controversy'
>> It's not really FUD.
>> The former head of the FFII is sure to publicise information which 
>> suggests
>> that Red Hat is not or was not serious about ending software patents. 
>> People
>> should not let them off the hook so easily.

> What I recently learned from BN and .....

Absolutely ridiculous. If you really want to *LEARN* something about Redhat 
and patents in general why waste your time reading a garbage site like BN? 
Anyone with any brains would find accurate unbiased information from a site 
that's more interested in actual facts then a crap site like BN that's 
primarily interested in a twisted political agenda.

So you get your "knowledge and facts" from BN.... that says more about you 
than you know.

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