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Re: Microsoft and TomTom settle

From: Rjack
Subject: Re: Microsoft and TomTom settle
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 15:34:52 -0400
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Rex Ballard wrote:
On Mar 30, 8:19 pm, Rjack <> wrote:
7 wrote:
Rjack the stupid 1 wrote:

"Microsoft and TomTom have settled their controversial
patent dispute, which included allegations that the Linux
kernel infringes on Microsoft's filesystem patents. TomTom
has licensed the patents from Microsoft, but intends to
remove from its Linux kernel the code that is covered by
the patents."

The Lawsuit was probably something Microsoft was eager to get settled. Getting a settlement that netted Microsoft even a
miniscule amount of money was a strategic coup.  Of course, this
is why Microsoft wanted to sue a relatively small company like
Tom-Tom rather than a monster like IBM, Verizon, Kodak, or AT&T.

The folks at eWeek see it a bit differently:

"March 30, 2009 2:05 PM
Microsoft Bangs TomTom to Submission

Microsoft is the big winner because the settlement:

* Affirms some of the more than 200 alleged patent violations by
open-source software. TomTom's licensing adds some legitimacy to
the patent claims; other alleged violators might be less willing
to fight.

* Ends a dispute regarding the widely used FAT. The file
system is intellectual property for which Microsoft expects to be

* Furthers Microsoft's increased emphasis on intellectual
property licensing. The company has realized that IP can generate
lots of revenue. IBM caught onto this years ago.

* Puts commercial Linux vendor in its place. For all the talk about
interoperability, Microsoft still treats Linux as the enemy. What
Microsoft can't gain competitively, it can get through litigation.

* Supposedly reaches terms that fall within the scope of GPLv2
(General Public License Version 2)."

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