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Re: Microsoft and TomTom settle

From: dr_nikolaus_klepp
Subject: Re: Microsoft and TomTom settle
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 2009 19:44:11 +0200
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amicus_curious wrote:

> "Sermo Malifer" <> wrote in message
> news:grcvqf$r58$
>> No, he's just observing you have no evidence to support your assertions.
> Of course I do.  TomTom paid.  They didn't pay just because they felt like
> paying, they paid because of the only reason that anyone would pay and
> that
> is because they had to pay or else suffer a worse consequence.  If you
> think that there is any other reason possible, you are free to mention it,
> but I doubt that you will/
>> You seem to like to make up stories.  That's a lot easier than getting
>> the facts, isn't it?
> The facts are there for all to see.  TomTom paid and is changing their
> version of Linux to be non-infringing.  The losers may go into denial and
> try to fool themselves, but that is their problem.

you guys are nuts. what are you, unemplyed wannabee layers? do you really
think going to court is fun and fighting to the end is heroic? nuts. go
read maciavelli and clausewitz, think it over and think again. there are
some "civilized" countries where you have to go to court to make a point,
but its not written that you should stay there - people wont know it, press
will ignore it, so what? go make your homework and try to think a bit
futher than your next burger - but be warned, thinking causes more fat
burning, so you'll need more burgers and probably coke instead of water ...


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