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NYC LOCAL: Sunday 26 April 2009: Pirates Ashore in Brooklyn

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Sunday 26 April 2009: Pirates Ashore in Brooklyn
Date: 25 Apr 2009 13:12:51 -0400

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 From: noel hidalgo <>
 To: Free Culture List <>
 Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 12:00:51 -0400
 Subject: [FC-discuss] In Brooklyn, on Sunday, Piratbyran (Pirate Bay) Artist 
Talk + Guerilla Music Swap Party

 Sorry about the late notice, but I'm sure of few of you will be 
 interested in this artist talk.


 Begin forwarded message:

 > Please join us this Sunday evening for an artist talk and 
 > presentation by Sara Sajjad, a founding member of Swedish arts 
 > collective Piratbyran (the Bureau of Piracy).
 > Sajjad will discuss their popular project The Pirate Bay, the
 > world's largest bit torrent file-sharing service on the
 > internet.  A landmark trial pitting the Svandanavian pirates
 > vs. Hollywood privateers made international headlines this week
 > when four defiant Swedes were found guilty of violating
 > copyright law. It's a mild blow to the buccaneers, but more
 > like cutting heads off hydras or hitting hornets nests. Like an
 > international game of whac-a-mole, the file-sharing community
 > keeps popping up to promote new modes of connecting. A
 > discussion about intellectual property and the free culture
 > movement will be joined by special guests, including folks from
 > MuxTape, a US-based music sharing site that was shut down last
 > year.  Sajjad will also screen footage from related Piratbyran
 > projects and performances, includingKopimiTV (CopyMeTV), the
 > CopyRiot ritual, and the Pirate Bus art tour.
 > The talk will be followed by a guerilla music swap, so bring
 > your laptop, USB stick or hard drive, and share, swap, and
 > propagate like the pirate you arrrrrrr!  As Piratbyran says,
 > multiplication can produce powerful numbers.  And great music
 > collections.
 > The Change You Want To See Gallery
 > Sunday, April 26, 7pm - 10pm (free!)
 > 84 Havemeyer Street, at Metropolitan Ave
 > Brooklyn NY 11211
 > L to Bedford; G to Metropolitan; J/M/Z to Marcy
 > P.S. -- Don't forget Monday's event on Subversive Tech in Burma!
 > We are a Swedish group that has been around for four years.
 > Piratbyran explores how file-sharing and other copying
 > technologies interact with creativity and change how people
 > relate to everyday culture. We analyze tendencies and cases and
 > discuss possible future scenarios and opportunities.
 > Internationally we are mostly known for starting up the The
 > Pirate Bay. By this and many other projects, campaigns,
 > performances, talks and media appearances, we have intervened
 > in the discussion known as "the file-sharing debate".
 > Copying can express itself in multiple ways, of which P2P
 > networks only make up a few. That was one message established
 > in Piratbyrans famous Walpurgis ritual of 2007.
 > The S23M project is very clustered with The Pirate Bay, the
 > world's largest torrent tracker for file-sharing, On the bus
 > there is no internet connection, but there are 100 mix tape
 > cassettes, 23 spcial fanzines, a mystical barometer and a game
 > of go, just to name a few things. Thus the project evolves
 > themes from the Walpurgis ritual by transferring them from one
 > mountain to another, from spring to summer, from the melting of
 > winter to the flowering richness of summer. Eyeball the media!
 > At the same time, Piratbyran sums up the five years that has
 > passed since the initiation of the clustering in 2003.
 > Finally, the bus trip is an experiment: what will happen when
 > an online-based community is enacted within a delimited
 > physical space, where participants must somehow spend over a
 > week together?
 > The opening party on July 18th is also laborating with how the
 > the digital abundance can be interconnected with time and space
 > - more specifically how large subwoofers can be used for this
 > purpose. As a guest performer, Piratbyran has invited Jem Noble
 > from the Bristol- based Blackout Arts Collective. He is
 > presenting a sound sculpture, built by recycled loops, which he
 > calls "generative piracy" and DJ some bass-heavy
 > dubstep. Other DJs representing Piratbyran, including Nine
 > Inch Nils from the dubstep diaspora, and Brokep, more known to
 > the world as the populous of The Pirate Bay.  The S23M project
 > is financed mainly by a grant from the Manifesta
 > foundation. Piratbyran has added all their available money,
 > coming from t-shirt sales. The Swedish state's Arts Grants
 > Committee refused to contribute, as would otherwise be the case
 > when Swedish artists are invited to prestige biennals of this
 > kind. Seemingly, futurehawkers like Piratbyran are way too
 > murky for Swedish art discourse.

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