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Re: GPL traitor !

From: DFS
Subject: Re: GPL traitor !
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 10:52:11 -0500

> On 2009-04-30, DFS <> wrote:
>> Alan Mackenzie wrote:
>>> In gnu.misc.discuss Doctor Smith <>
>>> wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 12:45:12 +0000 (UTC), Alan Mackenzie wrote:
>>>>> It seems Matt has long misunderstood the GPL.
>>>> Like 99 percent of people who through some unfortunate process come
>>>> in contact with it.
>>> I wouldn't know, since I don't know any such people.  I know lots of
>>> people whose contact with the GPL is benign, rewarding and
>>> profitable.
>> GPL and profitable in the same sentence?  You funny guy!
>     The problem here is that you are fixating on the idea that you
> somehow are or might some day be the Robber Baron.

That's a wild imagination you have there.  Been doubling up on your Boost 

> It's like you
> fancy yourself the hero in Atlas Shrugged. Although you are rather
> more like the disposable foreign labor that would be employed by
> such a "hero".

As long as the hero pays what I demand, no problem.

>     As with any creative work: far more benefit goes to those
> that use the work than those that seek to make themselves rich
> by controlling access to it.

huh?  I haven't heard of anyone getting rich using MS Excel, but MS sure did 
get rich controlling access to it.

> Few people are Robber Barons and
> most people are just passengers.

And a few people are just freeloaders.

>     You are just a noisy poser. You don't have to ever worry
> about the prospects of making money with any sort of licensing
> scheme.

Maybe, maybe not.  But what does that have to do with the GPL being the most 
anti-profit license out there?

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