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Re: GPL traitor !

Subject: Re: GPL traitor !
Date: Wed, 6 May 2009 12:41:36 -0500
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On 2009-05-06, Doctor Smith <> wrote:
> On Wed, 06 May 2009 09:53:04 +0200, Hadron wrote:
>> Tim Smith <> writes:
>>> In article <Iq5Ml.36996$>,
>>>  Chris Ahlstrom <> wrote:
>>>> After takin' a swig o' grog, Tim Smith belched out
>>>>   this bit o' wisdom:
>>>> > In article <58_Ll.37296$>,
>>>> >  Chris Ahlstrom <> wrote:
>>> A corner case is (from Wikipedia):
>>>    A corner case (or pathological case) is a problem or situation that 
>>>    occurs only outside of normal operating parameters ‹ specifically 
>>>    one that manifests itself when multiple environmental variables or 
>>>    conditions are simultaneously at extreme levels, even though each 
>>>    parameter is within the specified range for that parameter.
>>> If the "main meanings" of the GPL are so clear, how come so many people 
>>> keep hitting these corner cases?  Corner cases are supposed to be rare 
>>> and hard to hit--not commonly run into like they are with GPL.
>> As usual Arestrom comes out of a thread looking like a total idiot. His
>> willingness to look like a clueless dick in the "advocate" cause is
>> nothing short of amazing.
> It's creepy.
>> The key here was that "NO, the GPL is NOT easily understood by everyone
>> and anyone  that thinks it is is living in dream land".
> Like I said before, just the fact that these GPL threads go on for days and
> across multiple groups, shows that the GPL is not understood. if "dispute" ever proved anything about a legal matter.

     All it demonstrates is that there are plenty of people that view
it in their interest to violate the GPL or undermine it in some way.


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