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Re: [News] FSF Celebrates a Win in Cisco Case

From: Hyman Rosen
Subject: Re: [News] FSF Celebrates a Win in Cisco Case
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 14:04:25 -0400
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Alexander Terekhov wrote:
Why would the *defendant* ever "apply to this Court by letter before May
21, 2009 for restoration of the action [dismissed WITH PREJUDICE] to the
Court's calendar", Hyman? Any ideas? LOL.

I expect that this is the routine language used in such cases.
The order was written by the judge, not the parties to the suit.

It says that the defendant has no objection regarding the plaintiff's
right to apply for restoration of the dismissed (WITH PREJUDICE) action
within a month.

Then the period expired, the settlement was finalized, and the FSF
issued a press release. All perfectly routine, and the compliance
with the GPL sustained as always. And your attempt to impute some
significance to the nature of the dismissal by using scare caps is
just another lie by implication on your part, since dismissal with
prejudice is perfectly routine in settlements.

A recent example:
    "Terminator Salvation" Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice After
    Settlement Reached
    Hollywood, California - Halcyon Co. co-CEOs Derek Anderson and
    Victor Kubicek and producer Moritz Borman announced today that
    Mr. Borman’s lawsuit against Halcyon has been dismissed with
    prejudice after the two sides amicably resolved all of the
    outstanding differences between them related to the upcoming
    film “Terminator Salvation.”

    Said Messrs. Borman, Anderson and Kubicek: “We are glad to have
    these issues behind us so we can focus on working with our
    filmmakers and our studio partners at Warner Bros and Sony
    Pictures to give Terminator fans the next amazing installment in
    this enduring series of films.”

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