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NY STATE LOCAL: Friday 5 June 2009 CapitolCamp in Albany NY

From: secretary
Subject: NY STATE LOCAL: Friday 5 June 2009 CapitolCamp in Albany NY
Date: 2 Jun 2009 11:30:11 -0400

  what="official announcement"
  note="This event begins at 10:00 am sharp."
  registration="required, see below"
  sponsors="The Office of the New York State Chief Information Officer
            and more, see below"
  main-issue="New York State today does not take
              software licensing seriously"
  objective="To get New York State to take
              software licensing seriously"
  edits="side material removed, some white space rearranged">

 Subject: BarCamp / CapitolCamp


    CapitolCamp NY

    New York State Capitol, Albany, NY (Directions)

    Friday, 5th June 2009

    From 10:30 am till 6:00 pm

    Proposed after party from 6:30 - 8:30 (Location TBD)

    Please register at


    This inaugural New York State Government "un-conference" is about
    convening a group of citizens and civil servants (and perhaps even
    elected officials?) to share ideas about how technology can make
    government work better for all the citizens of the Empire State,
    focusing in particular on the theme of using technology to increase
    transparency and participation in New York State government.

      * Follow @CapitolCamp on Twitter and join us on Friday, June 5th
        at the New York State Capitol for the inaugural CapitolCamp.
      * Register at

    What's an un-conference?  Why "Camp"?  See our explanation here.


    To share knowledge, challenges, and solutions among a range of
    stakeholders in the use of technology by New York State's
    Government; to build a collaborative "e-government" community of
    practice that includes citizens, civil servants, and elected


      * The Office of the New York State Chief Information Officer
      * The Office of the New York State Senate Chief Information
      * Matt Cooperrider
      * Not An Alternative
      * Beka Economopoulos
      * Want to help orgnanize the event?  Email



    This first CapitolCamp is hosted and organized by the New York
    State Senate (Office of the Chief Information Officer) and by the
    New York State Office of the Chief Information Officer, and will be
    organized into three thematic "tracks," with specific 45 minute
    session topics proposed by attendees upon their arrival at the

    1) "Senate 2.0": Technology, Transparency, & Participation in the
    NY State Legislature: begins with a discussion of the role that
    technology plays in the NY Senate, including presentation of the
    "roadmap" for the NY Senate CIO's Office, and discussion of the
    future of public access to State legislative data; "legislatures
    2.0" thematically related sessions for the rest of the day

    2) "Empire 2.0": begins with a discussion of the role of the Office
    of the State Chief Information Officer in developing the state
    strategy and roadmap for NY Executive Branch agencies for the use
    of web 2.0, new media, and social collaborative tools and
    technologies that can better serve citizens and improve
    inter-governmental communications; includes a brief presentation of
    the current state and open discussion seeking ideas to further the
    overall strategy; "state government 2.0" thematically related
    sessions for the rest of the day thereafter.

    3) "Web 2.0 for Government" training workshop: expert online
    organizer Beka Economopoulos will offer hands-on training about how
    citizens, elected officials, and civil servants alike can Web 2.0
    tools such as the new website, Twitter, and Facebook
    more effectively.

    Participants are invited to propose sessions on the CapitolCampNY's
    sessions page prior to the event.

 Registration & Transportation

    Please register at

 Want a ride?

    If you are coming from NYC, we highly recommend riding Amtrak's 63
    Maple Leaf. This train costs approximately $51.00 and departs from
    Penn Station at 7:15am. It is scheduled to arrive at 9:48am.

    Not An Alternative, a Brooklyn-based 501c3 charitable non-profit
    organization, is organizing a bus for the return journey back to
    NYC. Tickets are $40.00 and the bus seats 40. It will depart at the
    conclusion of the post-event meet & greet (i.e. 9:00pm). When
    registering, select CapitolCamp Attendant + evening bus ticket.
    Otherwise, the last Amtrak train to NYC departs Albany at 7:00pm.

    If you are coming from other parts of the State and would like to
    carpool / find a couch to crash on, please check out
    CapitolCampNY's Ride & Housing page. Follow @CapitolCamp for the
    latest details.


    direct us a tweet via @CapitolCamp or email the NY Senate CIO's
    office at

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Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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