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Re: compile gnu in Windows

From: Keith Thompson
Subject: Re: compile gnu in Windows
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 2009 12:15:48 -0700
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Alan Mackenzie <> writes:
> JD <> wrote:
>> Very sorry if I post my question in a wrong news group.
> No need to apologise.  Though this isn't really a good group to ask
> about anything intelligent, being used mainly for bickering by people
> who don't like the GPL and spam from a New York Linux group.
>> I recently downloaded "recode" from  I want to compile it
>> in MS Windows.  I tried to nmake but didn't find any .mak in the
>> download folder.  Can someone point me a direction to educate me how to
>> compile in Windows free software from  Any help is much
>> appreciated.
> I suggest you post in the newgroup comp.lang.c.  There will surely be
> people there who've managed to compile GNU software in MS-Windows.

I wouldn't, unless your question is actually about the C programming
language.  (comp.lang.c tends to be rather picky about topicality.)

Try one of the Windows groups, possibly, or perhaps one of the microsoft.*

Or you might consider installing the Cygwin environment, which gives
you a Unix-like environment under Windows.  See for
more information.

Keith Thompson (The_Other_Keith)  <>
"We must do something.  This is something.  Therefore, we must do this."
    -- Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, "Yes Minister"

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