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Re: Google to launch PC operating system

From: Tony(UK)
Subject: Re: Google to launch PC operating system
Date: Fri, 10 Jul 2009 19:27:03 +0100
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Rjack wrote:

> Rjack wrote:
>> Will it be GPL licensed or the death of the GPL?
> "Chrome OS Could Offend the Open Source Community
> 1. Chrome OS will include proprietary technologies
> Linux still lacks a high-quality open source Flash plugin. Practically
> the only choice for 100% site compatibility is to use Adobe's
> proprietary plugin, so Chrome OS will need to license and include it
> out of the box. HTML5 will lessen the need for Flash over time,
> especially on video sites (and it's interesting that Chrome OS isn't
> due until 2010, when HTML5 might have more of a foothold). However,
> the Flash plugin is definitely required at the present time. How can I
> keep up with Strong Bad's antics without it?
> Then there are multimedia codecs. People are gonna want to play their
> tunes and watch their movies. There are open source versions of most
> popular codecs but to keep its nose clean and avoid litigation Google
> will have to license the patents covering them. This will offend the
> open source community, who see the software patenting system as broken
> and corrupt.
> It's not just a software issue. Linux also has a poor set of fonts. To
> avoid users complaining about web pages looking crappy, Chrome OS will
> need to include the standard Microsoft Web fonts (Arial, Times New
> Roman, Courier etc.). It could probably do with including the more
> recent Microsoft Vista fonts too. These can be freely licensed
> (Microsoft was very careful to make this possible), and Google
> certainly has the cash to do so. But such a move will undoubtedly
> offend the community because the font packages won't be freely
> distributable."
1. I think Google may have already made provision for these issues, else
why make an operating system that won't play Google Videos (and You
tube). There are many Linux distros that now have codecs and flash
built in or easily available - Google are said to already be working
with Adobe on this.
3. Easy to solve these problems - register and distribute the new system
from a country other than the USA. Ireland seems a good bet - save a
few shillings in taxes as well....

Linux Mint. Country of Origin - Ireland
Ubuntu - Country of Origin - Isle of Man

etc. etc. 

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