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Re: Pregnant Belly Bump Painting Tips

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Re: Pregnant Belly Bump Painting Tips
Date: Sat, 18 Jul 2009 13:10:20 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi, Lilly!

LillyW <> wrote:
> Pregnant Belly Painting Tips

> By Lilly Walters Schermerhorn, Pregnant Belly Artist

> Belly painting is a celebration of your pregnancy! A wonderful
> addition to your baby book, or portraits for your nursery.

It might be that belly painting is a little off topic in
gnu.misc.discuss.  However, it's the least offensive Off-T post I've seen
in years, so welcome to g.m.d.!



[ .....]

> The design that might be the most fun is to allow your husband and/or
> children to dip their hands into face paint, and put their hands all
> over your baby bump.

> You can also let your friends try a few things during a baby shower.
> Give everyone a brush, and let them have at it.

> Even if you let your friends paint you, you can help their creativity
> by downloading cartoons from the internet of things you enjoy in your
> life.

All the regulars here, certainly all those who disclose their names, are
men, and most or all of them seem to be beyond child bearing age.  One or
two of them seem to be seething with incomprehensible rage every time
they post.  Might it perhaps benefit them to have a "baby shower" every
now and then, and get their bellies painted too?  Maybe by their
respective wives, or even their young children or grandchildren?

[ .... ]

Thanks for such an interesting post!

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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