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Re: Microsoft's Linux Kernel Code Drop Result of GPL Violation

From: Rjack
Subject: Re: Microsoft's Linux Kernel Code Drop Result of GPL Violation
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 16:34:57 -0400
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Hyman Rosen wrote:
Rjack wrote:
Micro$oft loved the GPL. The harassment from "Free Software"
advocates assists the heightening the entry barriers to new, high
quality competition for Micro$oft. The GPL and "Free Software"
also prevent meaningful antitrust action against Micro$oft by the
USDOJ. Steve Ballmer and Marshall Phelps are rolling on the floor
laughing at GNUtian Freetards.

Oh, so you mean that by embracing GNU/Linux, Microsoft extinguishes
other non-free software which might compete with their own non-free
software, but does not extinguish GNU/Linux itself.

Supposing this were true, why do you think that advocates of free
software would be bothered by this?

RMS and his worshippers would like to destroy proprietary
software not empower Micro$oft's market share.

If the lack of "high quality competition for Microsoft" leads
overall to non-free software having lower quality, that is a boon
for free software, not a bane.
 Even if it simply leads to there
being less non-free software available, that itself is good. It
makes creating free alternatives simpler.

You're babbling again Hyman. Get a grip.

If Microsoft creates free software, free software advocates will
welcome it regardless of presumed motivation.

Yeah. As long as Micro$oft keeps Linux boxed in its little pig pen,
we're all winners!!!! Higher prices, lower quality.


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