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Re: GPL upheld on appeal in France

From: Florian Weimer
Subject: Re: GPL upheld on appeal in France
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 17:07:06 +0000

* Hyman Rosen:

> <>
> <>
>     In 2000, Edu4 equipped the AFPA's computer rooms. In the process,
>     the IT firm used a version of the VNC remote desktop software
>     without providing the AFPA – as required by the GPL – with the
>     source code on request. In addition, it turned out that Edu4 had
>     removed copyright and licensing notes from VNC.
> AFPA is awarded €8,000 plus legal fees.

Have they received, or even asked, for the source code?

It's not really surprising that pirated software is considered

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