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Proprietory software is dead.

From: 7
Subject: Proprietory software is dead.
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 19:40:28 GMT
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Rjack the stupid 1 wrote:

> I

Proprietory software is dead.

Google is thwacking micoshaft big time.

Google (a Linux company) share trading bigger than Micoshaft Corporation

Average $1.6 billion worth of shares trade in Google every day.
Micoshaft just around $1.5 billion.
The core of google corporation is built with Free software
and its smacking down micoshaft which is a paytard company.

What happened?

Do micoshaft share holders all now come with a small pepe?

Google seems to keep one larger than a canoe in their trousers!

Is this the end of micoshaft?

There is no hope for micoshaft to catch Google with share trading volume.

Micoshaft will crumble.

In terms of trading volume and popularity, google is bigger and more popular 
with millionairs, banks and trading houses.

And now the stock exchanges around the globe switch to using Linux
because Linux servers are better at mission critical tasks
than crash prone windummy servers.

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