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Re: Free software is dead.

From: Rjack
Subject: Re: Free software is dead.
Date: Sat, 26 Sep 2009 21:17:30 -0400
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Azz Pizz wrote:
Rjack <> wrote in">

It appears that the Free Software Foundation is rapidly succeeding in killing off "Free Software".

I was extremely unhappy when in the GPLv3 drafting process Stallman's idea of banning "trusted" computing and DRM was canned in favor of Big Business.

And was even more unhappy when they justified it with this:


"As usual, the GNU GPL does not restrict what people do in software, it just stops them from restricting others."

Then again, Linux is all Big Business now, the same NSA of the recent (and past) spying scandals is involved in the development process, billions of dollars flow between companies without any pay
 to the developers, Linus Torvalds actually supports DRM and TC in
Linux, TC support is in the kernel (along with a FSF approval sticker), and it's no longer about individual freedom, volunteer work, or do-it-yourself initiatives, just $$$.

You've got *real* individual freedom right now! Write your software,
and then place it under your pillow at night. No big corporation
will ever steal your code -- in fact they'll never even miss it.
You can wake up every morning and peruse it like King Midas and his gold.

Somebody has to come along, take portions of BSD-licensed material
 create a new UNIX-like OS, and lock it in as free from government
 and corporate influence despite the source being available.

Why do you want to take control of another author's BSD licensed code?
The BSD author has already freely offered it to anyone who chooses to
use it. Only anti-capitalist GPL control freaks want to control other
author's source code.

Rjack :)

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