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[LMAO] Stallman 'explains' his letter to the EC on Sun-Oracle deal

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: [LMAO] Stallman 'explains' his letter to the EC on Sun-Oracle deal
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 16:08:38 +0100
(Part 1)
(Part 2)

"At 2009, Brian Aker asked Richard Stallman at his keynote,
about the Oracle/Sun acquisition (with a focus on MySQL), with regards
to the parallel licensing approach used by MySQL. Brian was referring

As only the original rights holder can sell commercial licenses, no new
forked version of the code will have the ability to practice the
parallel licensing approach, and will not easily generate the resources
to support continued development of the MySQL platform. 

from Richard’s Letter to the EC opposing Oracle’s acquisition of MySQL.
Listen to the discussion between Brian and Richard.

Ben Scherrey  2 days ago   

RMS demonstrating that everything is about him so he feels justified in
attacking people personally - still. He can't comprehend a principled
opinion that isn't lock step in agreement with his.

paul omondi  2 days ago   

Richard should learn to listen and then answer without any emotional
hang-ups... I asked him a couple of question too at that sitting but was
unable to get relevant answers. He just feels like he is personally
being attacked for his opinions. Myself i don't care about him I was
just interested in understanding his philosophy.

boogybo  2 days ago   

Wow.. just wow,
That went from an intellectual conversation to a childish argument
surprisingly quickly

erkules  1 day ago   

Hmm I see no need for RMS-bashing.
>From first approach he was trying to tell, that dual-licencing with GPL
ist better (more free) than (dual-)licencing with X11 or a BSD-licence.
Coming up with Oracle as the new copyrightowner is (the intended
question?) made the "discussion" like a hustle.
It would be great if RMS had managed to make clear why - even if dual
licence is better than no/bsd-dual-licence he is against Oracle. 
And also tell the benefit we still have MySQL is GPL. Coze the fact,
that MySQL is still GPL counts. He should have stayed cool and first say
what we still have got - because of GPL - even if Oracle buys the
Copyright of MySQL :-)

The topic should have been: Can I make money with GPL-only? Which I

Other Topics like i.e. RMS want MySQL GPLv2 (instead of GPLv2 only) and
later (so GPLv3) too and he will never gonna get this if the
Copyrightowner says no is another question. They shouldn't be mixed.
Even if there are good topics.

Mihai Secasiu  1 day ago   

Monty explains why dual licensing is required to keep mysql alive and in
order for the big companies to use it

henrik  1 day ago   

Thanks, both Brian and Colin.

So much for "Richard was tricked into this by Microsoft" :-)"



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