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Re: Pee Jay says silence is golden

From: chrisv
Subject: Re: Pee Jay says silence is golden
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 12:24:57 -0600

>Hadron quacked:
>> Alan Mackenzie <> writes:
>>> The only people who find the GPL hard are those who seek a legal means
>>> of violating it.
>> And just about everyone that ever uses it, reads it or discusses it. 

Stop lying, "true Linux advocate" Hadron Quark.

>> I find it amazing that 

I find it amazing that you don't get your ass kicked on a daily basis,

>> you keep insisting it is so easy and yet we see you
>> embroiled in nitpicking over meaning time and time again. You're either
>> very thick skinned or in denial.

Because stupid trolls keep repeating the same nonsense, and he's
slapping them down.  You, "Hadron", being a stupid troll yourself,
should know all about that...

"choice : for the brain dead."  -  "True Linux advocate" Hadron Quark

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