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NYC LOCAL: Thursday 28 January 2010 First Meeting Clojure NYC: Rich Hick

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Thursday 28 January 2010 First Meeting Clojure NYC: Rich Hickey, Stuart Sierra, and Eric Thorsen on Clojure
Date: 27 Jan 2010 01:21:20 -0500

  what="not quite official Clojure NYC announcement, 
        taken from";
  note="space may be tight"
  edits="some formatting, one typo corrected">

 Date:     Thursday 6:30 pm 28 January 2010

 Location: NYC Seminar and Conference Center
           71 West 23rd Street
           NY, NY 10010

 I have a space reserved for us to have the first NYC Clojure
 Users Group meeting!

 I picked a place that is easy to get to from GCT or Penn:

 I've finalized the agenda for this Thursday:


      * Introduction
      * What do we want to accomplish with our group
      * Regular meeting location and times
      * A Call for Speakers
      * Announcements
      * Talks

            o Enclojure IDE library and the Netbeans Plugin - Eric Thorsen
            o Hadoop with Clojure - Stuart Sierra
            o deftype and protocols in Clojure - Rich Hickey

      * Town Hall Time / Q&A
      * Post meeting libations and nosh (place TBD)

 Looking forward to seeing you there!

Distributed poC TINC:

Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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