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Mining the Blogosphere

From: RJack
Subject: Mining the Blogosphere
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 16:09:15 -0000
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It is amazing to watch the communication strategy that Free Software
advocates utilize in promoting their socialist goals. The FSF and
SFLC have created an efficient network of Astroturf sites that is
dedicated to promoting their goals. Moglen, Perens, Khun, Lessig and
a growing list of "advocates" routinely pop up and utter some
pronouncement concerning the undefined concept known as "open source"
or F/L/OSS. These utterances are then picked up and amplified throughout
the Blogosphere and quickly assume an aura of invincible truth.

The fanfare and sheer volume of internet posts surrounding the
announcement that the SFLC had filed suit against Best Buy and thirteen
other corporations was impressive. I Googled [sflc "best buy"
infringement] and received 67,400 hits (an unscientific but relevant
search). Obviously the announcement was considered an important
development. Best Buy countersued for a declaratory judgment of
non-infringement. A judgment of non-infringement in favor of Best Buy
would utterly demolish the myth of Richard Stallman's "copyleft"
principle. So, how many blogs have noted this fact? I Googled
[sflc "best buy" "non-infringement"] and received 34 hits. Free Software
advocates are obviously great at practicing the politics of communication.

One poster to these news groups, amicus curious, aptly pointed out that
the SFLC was probably going to be able to walk away with propaganda
"victories" through voluntary dismissals until some company found it
financially worthwhile to end the SFLC's legal charades. It appears that
circumstance is well nigh at hand. I wonder how the Blogosphere will
react to the death of "copyleft".

RJack :)

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