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Re: GPL misappropriation

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: GPL misappropriation
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 16:10:23 -0000
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Alexander Terekhov <> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote:
> [...]
>> >
>> >
>> > "Inhabern ausschließlicher Nutzungsrechte vorbehalten
>> >
>> > Die Einräumung von Unternutzungsrechten ist allerdings dem Inhaber
>> > eines ausschließlichen Nutzungsrechtes vorbehalten (§ 31 Abs. 3 UrhG);
>> > einfache Nutzungsrechte berechtigen demgegenüber nicht zur Einräumung
>> > von Unternutzungsrechten."
>> So where is the problem?  It says that giving somebody "right to use" is
> Under the German copyright act ONLY EXCLUSIVE LICENSEES CAN

Wrong.  You still don't get it.  Exclusive licensees _automatically_
receive the right to sublicense.  A non-exclusive licensee does not
_per_ _se_ have the right to sublicense.  But if the license terms
_grant_ him sublicensing possibilities, he can certainly make use of

You can license people to exercise almost any right you have, except for
_personal_ rights, those bound to the originator.  Like the claim of

> For example, the MIT License
> "the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute,
> sublicense,"
> is VOID regarding sublicensing under the German law.

_Exactly_ because non-exclusive licensees do not get the right to
sublicense automatically, these terms are granting something which the
licensee otherwise could not do.

You are getting it backwards.

David Kastrup

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