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Re: Recommendation for a CL data structures library

From: Pascal J. Bourguignon
Subject: Re: Recommendation for a CL data structures library
Date: Tue, 04 May 2010 16:10:52 -0000
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Raffael Cavallaro <>

> On 2010-03-23 09:41:02 -0400, Hyman Rosen said:
>> Since much of the discussion in this newsgroup
>> focuses on license features and requirements, saying that Mac OS X
>> "is" BSD needlessly confuses that issue.
> Saying that Mac OS X is BSD is:
> 1. true

For some meaning.

In the case of licensing, it looks like it's closer to LGPL than to BSD.

> 2. a counterexample to the claim that linux is trouncing BSD UNIX.

I'm afraid this counterexample is based on the wrong idea that MacOSX is
a system whose life started in 2001, after Linux.

Actually, MacOSX is just NeXTSTEP, and is older than Linux, so it's not
surprizing it has more web clients than Linux.  After all, NeXTSTEP was
the system where the web was INVENTED, and where the first web browser

> The original claim was that linux was dominating BSD UNIX because of
> the GPL. The 5x web client numbers for Mac OS X show that non-GPL
> licensed UNIX (here, BSD, APSL) in fact has much greater numbers than
> GPL linux.
> Finally, the APSL requires that modifications to *covered code* (i.e.,
> the APSL library or code you are using in your larger work) be open
> sourced if your larger work is distributed. You are not required to
> open source the whole larger work, something that the GPL *does*
> require, and the LGPL, like the APSL, does not.


__Pascal Bourguignon__

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