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Re: Big blow to proprietary linking nonsense.

From: RJack
Subject: Re: Big blow to proprietary linking nonsense.
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:55:58 -0000
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David Kastrup wrote:
RJack <> writes:

David Kastrup wrote:
Well, you can't have both.  If you choose to count Stallman among
Marxists, obviously they have not "all failed dismally". Free software is exploding in importance.
Yeah... "exploding in importance". I used to read reports about
Linus Torvald's seminars "World Domination 101" ten years ago.

You really should do something about those hallucinations.  There
were no such seminars, just a jocular reference.  At least it was
sort of jocular in 1991 or 1992 when it was made.  People have
stopped laughing about it long since.

Same old shit, different decade. LMAO.

Well, world domination in internet servers was already achieved in
1999, according to <URL:>

And Apache has been serving more than 50% of active websites for a similar amount of time.

Apache is GPL ? Hmmm.....

Among the top 500 super computers, GNU/Linux is employed on 78.2% <URL:>.

That's not exactly insignificant...

The Abacus was was the dominant computer operating system in 1810. LMAO.

Let's be neutral and count 'em all since it's a big World:
                     OS Platform Statistics
Windows XP is the most popular operating system. The Windows family
counts for almost 90%:

2010     Win7   Vista   Win2003  WinXP  W2000   Linux   Mac
April   16.7%   13.2%   1.3%    56.1%   0.5%    4.5%    7.1%
March   14.7%   13.7%   1.4%    57.8%   0.5%    4.5%    6.9%
Feb     13.0%   14.4%   1.4%    58.4%   0.6%    4.6%    7.1%
Jan     11.3%   15.4%   1.4%    59.4%   0.6%    4.6%    6.8


RJack :)

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