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Re: Psystar's legal reply brief in response to Apple

From: RJack
Subject: Re: Psystar's legal reply brief in response to Apple
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:58:31 -0000
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On 8/9/2010 3:45 PM, Hyman Rosen wrote:
On 8/9/2010 3:36 PM, RJack wrote:
Not under a legally unenforceable license.

The GPL is a legal license, but it is not "enforceable".

The the record show Hyman found the truth and the light.
Allelujah! Lux et Veritas!

Copyright law is enforceable, and the GPL is a license that someone
may claim to accept in order to carry out certain actions that
copyright law does not permit

It is the party accused of copyright infringement who will claim the GPL
is unenforceable by the owner of the copyright. The party accused will
claim promissory estoppel and effortlessly win.

RJack :)

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