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Re: Blowhard Bradley Kuhn and his fraud

From: c_stuff
Subject: Re: Blowhard Bradley Kuhn and his fraud
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:59:26 -0000
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On 8/12/2010 4:41 PM, Hyman Rosen wrote:
On 8/12/2010 4:25 PM, Alexander Terekhov wrote:
So what is your point

A BusyBox copyright holder sues when companies copy and distribute
BusyBox without honoring the GPL. The cases end. The companies are
now seen to honor the GPL.

The point is that all the blather from the anti-GPL cranks comes to
nothing. When companies are brought to account, they honor the GPL.
The point is that despite all the anti-GPL blather from the cranks,
the companies that are infringing the GPL are doing so because of
laziness or carelessness, not because of any of the insane theories
spun by the cranks.


For Heaven's sake Hyman, just show us the settlement agreement.

RJack :)

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