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NYC LOCAL: Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 August 2010 Capitol Camp in Alb

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 August 2010 Capitol Camp in Albany, New York
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:59:44 -0000

  what="official CapitolCamp announcement"
  taken-from=" mailing list"
  also="NYLUG Hack Folk will meet on Tuesday 17 August 2010;
        NYLUG General Meeting on Wednesday 18 August 2010;
  personal="I was at the first CapitolCamp in 2009.
            If you believe in free software,
            and are willing to work for free software,
            come to CapitolCamp.
            The opportunities are large.">

 From: noneck <>
 Subject: CapitolCamp 2010, an unconference for NY State Government's  
technology stakeholders

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 Dear Friends,

 Last year, we opened the State House doors to talk about the direction
 of the technology adoption in New York State. Nearly one hundred of
 you attended CapitolCamp. Now, we are two weeks from making history!

 On August 19 & 20, Albany's State House doors will once again open.
 This year, the NY Senate CIO and NY State CIO will host a developers
 summit and unconference. This second CapitolCamp is geared to
 government technology stake holders and anyone interested in an open
 and frank conversation about technology in YOUR state government.

 For more information, keep reading or visit < >. Visit < > for a list of proposed tracks.

 CapitolCamp is an unconference and developer summit that brings
 together Government technology stakeholders under the roof of the New
 York State Capitol Building to share challenges and solutions. As a
 key component of building a more transparent, efficient, and
 participatory government, CapitolCamp 2010 < > seeks to further engage and expand
 this community.

 CapitolCamp 2010 is split into two days: a technical developer summit,
 August 19th, and an unconference, August 20th. CapitolCamp is
 organized and hosted by the New York State Senate Office of the Chief
 Information Officer (on Twitter @NYSenateCIO) and the New York State
 Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO/OFT, on Twitter

 On Thursday, Aug 19th, the "developer summit" will be a smaller event,
 primarily for programmers, and will focus on the nuts and bolts of
 using open source and other software for civic good in Government.
 This is a day long conversation about coding, collaborative software
 development and best practices. The conversation will involve hands-on
 work in open-source applications currently being used within and in
 conjunction with New York State Government.  You must register
 independently for this event, at: < >.

 On Friday, Aug 20th, the main "unconference" will be segmented into
 three thematic "tracks," each with specific 45 minute session topics
 proposed by attendees upon their arrival at the event:

 1) "Senate 2.0": Technology, Transparency, & Participation in the NY
 State Legislature: begins with a discussion of the role that
 technology plays in the NY Senate, including an update on NY Senate
 CIO Office's "roadmap" and a discussion of public access to State
 legislative data; for the rest of the day, this track will focus on
 "legislature 2.0" related conversations.

 2) "Empire 2.0": begins with a discussion of the role of the Office of
 the State Chief Information Officer (CIO/OFT) in developing the
 State's roadmap for NY Executive Branch agencies use of social and
 collaborative technologies to better serve all New Yorkers and improve
 inter-governmental communications; includes a brief update on CIO/OFT
 "roadmap" and an open discussion seeking ideas to further the overall
 strategy; for the rest of the day this track will focus on "state
 government 2.0" related conversations.

 3) "New York 2.0": an open publicly-led conversation on what "digital
 natives" are doing to transform New York into the most collaborative,
 participatory, and transparent state in the nation.

 To see a list of proposed sessions, or to propose your own, visit < >.
 To register for the Unconference, visit < >.
 To register for the Developer day, visit < >.

 Links to other online resources.
 CapitolCamp on Twitter -
 CapitolCamp on IRC - #capitolcamp on freenode
 CapitolCamp's Blog -
 CapitolCamp's Google Group -
 CapitolCamp on Flickr -
 CapitolCamp on Facebook -
 Hashtag - #CapCamp2 (on Twitter 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Noel
 Hidalgo, hidalgo(at), for any questions.

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