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Re: Utterly imbecile pinky communist Ninth Circuit 'judges' (Vernor scan

From: Snit
Subject: Re: Utterly imbecile pinky communist Ninth Circuit 'judges' (Vernor scandalous ruling)
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:01:47 -0000
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JEDIDIAH stated in post slrni9fqtj.k3l.jedi@nomad.mishnet on 9/20/10 4:18

>> Sorry, but bartering stolen or not legally usable goods is not something
>     Stolen is not something that can be reasonably used interchangeably with
> something like "not legally usable". The only reason there is the slightest
> bit of problem with the transaction is that someone is trying to subvert a
> real right in favor of an artificial one and the courts are willing to go
> along.

What is a real right?  What is an artificial right?

>     The architect's copy should not be treated any different than one
> sitting at Microcenter. It moves and the rights associated move along
> with it.

If you buy a ticket to an ongoing exhibit at a museum, do you think that
once you are done with it you should be able to pass it on to a friend... or
even sell it?

"A non-powered hub that will only  support non-powered devices. IOW,
basically useless." -- Tim Adams

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