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Re: Utterly imbecile pinky communist Ninth Circuit 'judges' (Vernorscand

Subject: Re: Utterly imbecile pinky communist Ninth Circuit 'judges' (Vernorscandalous ruling)
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:01:50 -0000
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On 2010-09-21, Alexander Terekhov <> wrote:
> RJack wrote:
>> Since there will be a rush to declare that all software is licensed and
>> the tangible medium (the copy) is only leased, *ALL HELL WILL BREAK
>> LOOSE* when those states with retail sales taxes find they can no longer
>> collect the tax levied on retail software sales. That'll be fun to watch.
>> When a potential copyright licensee is legally authorized under 17 USC
>> 106(2) to copy software onto a physical medium that he already owns,
>> there can be no question that the licensee owns that copy. There will
> Since GNUtards believe that GPL licensees must follow the GPL ('not a

...which incidentally primarily only restricts "use" that is generally 
completely disallowed by just about any other license.


   You are a fountain of bad analogies.

        Nothing quite gives you an understanding of mysql's         |||
        popularity as does an attempt to do some simple date       / | \
        manipulations in postgres.

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