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NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 6 October 2010 NYCBUG: Cooper Union Students on Sig

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 6 October 2010 NYCBUG: Cooper Union Students on Signal vs Noise
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:02:51 -0000

  what="official NYC*BUG announcements"
  note="There is also an event starting at
        1300 on Tuesday 5 October 2001, see below."

 Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2010 17:26:56 -0400
 From: NYC*BUG Announcements <>
 Subject: [announce] Upcoming NYC*BUG meetings and more

 A number of stuff going on next week, besides early registration 
 continuing for NYCBSDCon 2010.

 We are conducting an ACM/IEEE campus meeting at Cooper Union on Tuesday, 
 October 5th at 1 PM.  It's a great way to present NYCBUG and NYCBSDCon 
 to students.

 If you're interested in helping out, hit the admin@ list.  But we need 
 to RSVP all names of people who will be attending 24 hours prior.

 *      *       *

 Our Wednesday meeting will also be with Cooper Union students, except 
 this time they'll be speaking *to* NYCBUG.

 Many of them are involved in fascinating projects as students.  The 
 titles are a bit deceiving

 October 06, 2010
 Cooper Students Present

 6:45 PM, Suspenders Restaurant
 111 Broadway in Manhattan

 This month`s meetings will feature several Cooper Union engineering 
 students presenting their projects.
 * "A Study of Bayesian Authorship Classification" with Kevin Tien and 
 Nicole Lesperance. From a Natural Language Processing class project.

 * "Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition" with George Todorov and Eugene 

 * "Characterization of Light Output Instabilities In Quantum Cascade 
 Lasers Under Pulsed Operation" with Jonathan Ligo

 These presentations will be great opportunities to hear from the next 
 generation of young and bright engineers.
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Distributed poC TINC:

Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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