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Stuttgart 21 protests

From: Alexander Terekhov
Subject: Stuttgart 21 protests
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:03:54 -0000

Alan Mackenzie wrote:
> You agree with what you like, Alex.  I have talked extensively with
> eye-witnesses, including one who was on the demonstration the police
> attacked by shooting people in the face with water canons on 30th

Oh c'mon everybody agrees that police attack was unwarranted. Many
people won't vote for the currently governing CDU party next March due
to that embarrassment and so be it.

> September.  The political parties did not incite the civil unrest, they
> joined in later.  The writer of the above is trying, with some success,
> to divert attention from the actual issue to something more abstract.
> These demonstrations are not about the governance of BW - they're about
> saving the station and the park.
> You are going to tell me that the destruction of the current
> Hauptbahnhof, 

It's an awful building. And I'm totally *pro* the destruction.

> the killing of several hundred healthy mature trees, the

Oh c'mon there will be many more hundred trees due to the railways going
into tunnel -- it's approximately 100 hectares for the new trees. Yes it
is needed to kill "several hundred healthy mature trees" first, in order
to build the underground station, and so be it.

> reduction of the station capacity from 16 to 8 platforms, the problematic

Uh silly Alan...

"Als Durchgangsbahnhof bezeichnet man einen Bahnhof, der den
Eisenbahnbetrieb aus zwei Richtungen zulässt. Diese Bauform hat sich
trotz ihrer teilweise problematischen Integration in die Infrastruktur
der an ihr befindlichen Städte als die bessere herausgestellt, da das
umfangreiche Gleisfeld der Kopfbahnhöfe entfallen kann. "

> nature of the geology, and the unknown costs (somewhere between 4 and 10
> billion Euros) have passed proper democratic scrutiny, especially
> considering most of the critical documents remain unpublished and
> uncriticised?

What "critical documents" are you talking about?

> Should this project carry on, the only train you'll be able to get from
> Boeblingen to Stuttgart will be an S-Bahn, and my train from Nuremberg

In all the years when I travelled to Stuttgart by train I always used
S-Bahn so your claim doesn't scare me.

> will have to stop at Bad Canstatt, due to the reduced capacity of the
> main station.

WOW. One more stop? And so much drama?


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