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Re: Stuttgart 21 protests

From: Alan Mackenzie
Subject: Re: Stuttgart 21 protests
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:03:57 -0000
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Alexander Terekhov <> wrote:

> Alan Mackenzie wrote:

>> ... the reduction of the station capacity from 16 to 8 platforms, the
>> problematic

> Uh silly Alan...


> "Als Durchgangsbahnhof bezeichnet man einen Bahnhof, der den
> Eisenbahnbetrieb aus zwei Richtungen zul?sst. Diese Bauform hat sich
> trotz ihrer teilweise problematischen Integration in die Infrastruktur
> der an ihr befindlichen St?dte als die bessere herausgestellt, da das
> umfangreiche Gleisfeld der Kopfbahnh?fe entfallen kann. "

Er, silly Alex, it's not a matter of "walk through" stations vs. "head"
stations.  It's a matter of the current 16 platforms (with room for
expansion) vs. rigid 8.  As you probably don't know, Nuremberg, a city
about the same size as Stuttgart has a "walk through" main station, but
has 21 platforms, all of which are used.  8 platforms is fine for a
smaller less important place like Boeblingen, but would be dreadful for
Stuttgart.  Stuttgart Hbf. is a _main_ station, one where many people
change trains rather than travelling through.  When trains are late (they
frequently are), those other trains they connect with wait on them, if
only for 5 or 10 minutes.  With the planned bottleneck 8 platform
station, this waiting will not be feasible, with the result that
connections will not be maintained, and journey times will be lengthened
(negating the whole purpose of the scheme, to speed things up).

>> nature of the geology, and the unknown costs (somewhere between 4 and 10
>> billion Euros) have passed proper democratic scrutiny, especially
>> considering most of the critical documents remain unpublished and
>> uncriticised?

> What "critical documents" are you talking about?

Basically, all of them.  The ones with the financial analysis, the
operational analysis (the one that says the new station would have a
greater capacity than the old), the analysis of the alternatives, ....
You'll have already done a search for them.

>> Should this project carry on, the only train you'll be able to get from
>> Boeblingen to Stuttgart will be an S-Bahn, and my train from Nuremberg

> In all the years when I travelled to Stuttgart by train I always used
> S-Bahn so your claim doesn't scare me.

Those travelling from S. Hbf. beyond Boeblingen (or Herrenberg) will be
forced to change from S-Bahn to RE/RB rather than travelling right

>> will have to stop at Bad Canstatt, due to the reduced capacity of the
>> main station.

> WOW. One more stop? And so much drama?

An infinitely greater number of train changes, then squashing onto an
overcrowded S-Bahn, after a 10-minute wait in the cold.  "How to win
customers and influence people", by Deutsche Bahn.

> regards,
> alexander.

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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