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Re: sede - secure democracy

From: J.H.Boersema
Subject: Re: sede - secure democracy
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:03:54 -0000
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On 2010-10-14, J.H.Boersema <> wrote:
> About the attraction of new programmers ... if I can find the time
> and energy to follow up on you recommendations (i appreciate your ideas),
[...] was suggested ...

Connecting ...
<joshb> 'thinking global, acting local' ? hmm... i register my objection,
because that is part of the one-world-empire push of the western
banking cartel. (But if it is no more then a contemporary slogan it
doesn't matter (referring to the headline on
All things 'world wide' tend to have no democracy to them, the size is
super-human; thus centralization of power is a big threat imho. Sorry,
i can't participate in something like that.

2010 Oct 14 10:25:19  <-- joshb has left #libreplanet

It may be that if there is one area at the moment where production
is virtually global and integrated, then it is the free software
'movement.' Hence something like this attempting to have a Continental
reach of even a global reach without any apparent attempt to keep
the organizations nationally and/or locally independent and act as
a sort of (con)federation at best, may be somewhat natural and likely
to occur. However that doesn't necessarily make it right; I think
every effort should be spend on distributing the power, rather then
concentrating it.

This is particularly true in the world of today, where we are under
a great threat from a western attempt at a global world empire (that
most uninformed and ignorant people probably will only become aware off
once world war 3 is well underway, if even then). By becoming a
conduit for the global empire its cultural fluff of totalitarian global
unity of culture, law and governance, they play a problematic tune at
the worst possible moment, imho.

Uncompromizing in the pursuit of justice.

(I'm not sure how politically aware programmers are expected to be,
so it may all just be harmless bumbling along and writing funny slogans
that seemed catchy at the moment. Lack of numbers also means a global
organization is far more likely; but still since everyone lives in
some nation the 'mother' organization could take an independence
promoting stance to national chapters, imho.)

The danger with a total contentration of power is that corruption,
once it sets in, you loose everything at once. Secondly it has a
totalitarian flavor because there is no more diversity, no more
cultural growth, everything is singular. Also the decisions are
extremely heavy as it affects everything, thus things slow down and
may become completely stagnant culturally. The human element is gone
if you organize globally; there is no way to meet with everyone
world wide.
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