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Re: sede - secure democracy

From: J.H.Boersema
Subject: Re: sede - secure democracy
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:04:05 -0000
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GNU has decided that they don't want sede - secure democracy at the
moment, because it has no active maintainer.

The fact that I am not maintaining it right now is because I have
other things to be doing that I think are more important for the
cause of justice and democracy right now then adding more features
to sede - secure democracy, which could after all be easily done
by anyone who is programming on whatever application; of which there
are thousands of people in the world. I don't know anyone who is busy
wiht such things as revolution, change of Constitutions, removal of
empires, ending the banking power, and such issues, therefore my time
is better spend where the greatest lack is.

They explicitly said they do not disagree with the functionality of
sede, or to have a democracy functionality in GNU.

Therefore hte door seems to be standing wide open for anyone to be
the 'lead' maintainer of the democracy function program for GNU.
Obviously I would do everything I could to help such a maintainer,
I can probably spend an hour or two a day talking about it. That
would probably help a maintainer a lot, you'd always have quick and
probably correct answers on the code and package.

Another important matter is to get the package into Debian.

The package was written with general Unix, Debian and GNU compatibility
in mind (as far as the overall function/design goes). Such as,
interoperability, readable-editable configurations and protocols,
specialization in one task exclusively (Unix), the more documentation
the better (Debian, what a great rule that is, i'm really glad I heard
about that one because indeed after some years you forget things and
start to realize outside persons have no magic clues on a program),
and trying to constantly test and try to make it as stable as possible,
have long options, use GPL to make sure it stays free (GNU).

Sede - secure democracy has so many features at the moment that I'm
almost wondering whether it becomes bloatware. But since the features
are part of new sub-programs (like modules say) that are their own
entity, and because if you program something like this you are probably
going to want those features anyway some day and it is all really about
the voting-function, I don't think it is really bloated yet.

Although the code stability is apparently reasonable, it is written in
non-object oriented fashion. Since the program is modular you can
probably change the program per module if you like it differently.
It uses several comma-separated files as databases.

Most importantly: it works, and it is not an obscure program by any
means (imho). It's manual is complete, it has a long FAQ, it has a
walk-through guide, it installs with a test-poll you can run
completely from a script and example polls to simply edit ...

It is a powerful program used from the command line (at the moment),
it has no GUI (at the moment). It is to a degree a specialist program,
but presumably also simple enough to be readily used by anyone who
can use the Unix command line.

Don't be afraid of democracy, be afraid of the tyrannical world you are
living in, but you don't even see it. Who is your boss to tell you what
to do ? Why do you not own your share of soil in your nation ? Why are
the morons in the top makign war again, again and again ? If you think
you are safe behind that text terminal of yours, you have no clue about
this world and its history ... Without true justice & democracy ruling
the lands far and wide, the power of land, money and management curbed
to serve the people, you will regret it you are not using the historical
opportunity we have right now with all the rights and materials we still
enjoy at the moment. We can achieve many things with minimal effort at
the moment, but if you don't use that opportunity sufficiently, take a
look at history to see where we will probably end up.

Hi Karl,

Ok, I understand; personally I think you are making a mistake with
this decision though, because there are few things as important as
true democracy. GNU won't survive in a tyrannical environment, as
you probably can imagine.

Once I have found maintainer, I'll inform that person they could
contact you and that there is a good chance things can start to move
on GNU 'democracy functionality' ...

best regards, and thank you for the effort in reviewing the matter,
jos boersema

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