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NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 14 December 2010 LispNYC Holiday Party

From: secretary
Subject: NYC LOCAL: Tuesday 14 December 2010 LispNYC Holiday Party
Date: 12 Dec 2010 10:56:48 -0500

  what="official Lisp NYC announcement"
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 Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2010 08:55:11 -0500
 From: heow <>
 To: LispNYC <>
 Subject: [Lisp] LispNYC Holiday Party 2010 - Tuesday Dec 14th, 7:00

 Help celebrate another year of Lisp!  Our annual holiday party will be 
 held in the back room of P&G's on Tuesday Dec 14th, 7:00

 Food will be provided.

 - Heow


 Near the 1 stop at 79th and B,C stop at 81st.  Head to the northwest
 corner of 78th and Columbus then down the outdoor stairs.  (Google map)

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Jay Sulzberger <>
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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