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Groklaw's left handed spin

From: RJack
Subject: Groklaw's left handed spin
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2011 13:45:46 -0400
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On August 03, 2010, Pamela Jones posted an article on her Groklaw site
that trumpeted,  "I thought you'd want to hear about what's just
happened in the Software Freedom Conservancy v. Best Buy, et al case.
It's another BusyBox case regarding infringement of the GPL... one thing
you know for sure now: the GPL has teeth, it is enforceable in a court
of law"

PJ has forever misled her gullible, loyal followers by quoting and
interpreting various court filings and rulings out of context , waxing
brilliant when she wants to spin some ruling in her philosophical favor
and pretending ignorance when some court rules against one of her faux
causes. Pamela can at times make Glen Beck appear as a paragon of
virtue. Best Buy Inc. has filed it's utterly devastating response to the
Software Freedom Conservancy and Erik Andersens' fraudulent infringement

Here's a nugget from the Best Buy Inc, response:

"[n. 10] Plaintiffs made the same misstatements when moving for a
default judgment against Westinghouse Digital Electronics, LLC. See Dkt.
113 at 6, n 4, (“. . . since Mr. Anderson ‘is the owner of the copyright
of both the derivative and pre-existing work, the registration
certificate relating to the derivative work in this circumstance will
suffice to permit it to maintain an action for infringement based on
defendants’ infringement of pre-existing work.”)” and Dkt. No. 115 at
1-2 (referring to work beginning in 1999 and saying “I . . . retained
all ownership of the copyrights therein.”) Plaintiffs sought and
obtained an injunction and turnover order for “all articles containing
BusyBox.” (Dkt. No. 113 at 9; and Dkt. No. 131 at 9, 15.) In doing so,
they did not advise that Mr. Andersen’s former employer, Lineo, had
copyrights in Mr. Andersen’s earlier work on BusyBox, that 25 other
“authors” contributed to v.0.60.3 and that there are other, subsequent
versions of BusyBox such as v.1.2.1, which Mr. Kuhn claims he knew about
in November, 2009, seven months before moving for the default judgment.
(See supra at 2-3; Dkt. No. 166 at ¶ 9.)"

You would think PJ would update and correct her one-sided bloviating
concerning "Free Software" and the GPL. Unfortunately PJ is nothing
more than an old, washed up Spin Bag attempting to masquerade as a
journalist. Too bad she only continues to sully the reputation of real
professional journalists such as Maureen O'Gara.

RJack :)

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