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Re: 9th Cir. License Primer

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: 9th Cir. License Primer
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 00:04:19 +0200
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Alexander Terekhov <> writes:

> David Kastrup wrote:
> [...]
>> What rock have you been living under?  The whole point of the GPL (as
>> opposed to, say, BSD style licenses) is that it is firmly rooted in
>> copyright ...
> In context, copyright means that the owner has exclusive right to 
> copy in order to sell (permissions to make) copies verbatim and 
> copies of derivative works of his work without interference from 
> . . . In contrast, the
> GPL means . . .

a particular set of conditions under which the owner uses his exclusive
rights to grant certain permissions to selected recipients of copies of
his software.

> What rock have you been living under, silly dak?

Do you really not understand what a license is?  After all this time?

David Kastrup

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