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Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic

From: Patrick Anderson
Subject: Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 11:13:16 -0600

Ramana Kumar wrote:
> offering product as ROI, which strikes me as
> interesting but suspicious because it's not going to
> be as fungible as plain old money.

People should use plain old money for as long as they
need to, but I'm just saying is there is simply no
reason to sell the Product when it is already the
property of the person who will consume it.

When you own an Avocado tree, you do not *buy* the
Avocados from yourself - you *already* own them as a
"side effect" of owning the tree.

When a group of human co-own an Avocado orchard, they
do not need to *buy* the Avocados from themselves -
they *already* own them as a "side effect" of
co-owning the trees.

Avoiding buying and selling after production allows us
to guarantee the Price the Consumer pays is exactly
the Costs he paid for that production - thereby
eliminating Profit in a natural manner.  This also
evades sales taxes and other government interference.

Profit is undefined when Product is ROI.

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