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Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic

From: Patrick Anderson
Subject: Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 14:46:56 -0600

Ramana Kumar wrote:
> Where does the profit go in a coop, by the way?

Various random places, depending on the whims
of that coop.

Here are some (supposedly) Consumer-Owned
cooperatives that talk about what they do with the
Profits they receive when the co-owners buy the
Product back from the group:

> How does one get some (more) vote/ownership

You can buy more co-ownership by investing in
the VIPM using money or by committing to work
in the future (promise to pay with labor), or (and
this is a very strange thing), you also gain some
co-ownership whenever you buy Products and
pay Profit during that transaction.

The money will be used to buy more land and/or
tools or plants/animals/fungus that cannot be made
within the VIPM, and the labor (of course) will be
used to install, operate, maintain, those resources.

The Profit is used in whatever form it is paid in
(whether in money or in work-commitment) to
secure more resources co-owned by you.

Profit is treated as the Payer's Investment.

> and how does one relinquish (some of) it?

Since you must continue to 'pay' (as Vertical
Integration approaches completion, the only form
of payment will be work-commitments) your portion
of the recurring Costs, all you must do to relinquish
some co-ownership is to stop paying into that part
of the VIPM.

Aside from that, you can also directly sell or trade
your co-ownership with others if you want to get
out of that co-ownership quickly.

For example, say you suddenly realize you are
allergic to Strawberries, but have bought into
the Strawberry fields, and so are receiving that

You can simply sell that property to someone
else who wants Strawberries.

> How do we keep track of just how
> much each person has paid?

There are many ways we could do this.

Think of how corporations track the amount
of ownership (or shares) each investor has.

Think of how a bank tracks how much each
depositor has in the bank.

Think of how an insurance corporation tracks
the amount each insured person has paid.

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