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Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic

From: Patrick Anderson
Subject: Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 16:07:25 -0600

John Hasler wrote:
> re-inventing the cooperative
> re-inventing the barter club.

Yes, both cooperatives and barter
clubs must be reinvented and brought
together in alignment.

Cooperatives fail to overtake Capitalism
partly because they refuse to allow their
members real co-ownership and the
natural ROI of Product that follows, and
so they perpetually sell the Product back
to the very people that they pretend are
it's owners, concentrating ownership into
the hands of the few as Profits are doled
out in arbitrary ways instead of being
treated as the Payer's Investment.

Barter clubs fail because they try to trade
the Product *after* production, and the
owners of the Means of Production are
the Workers instead of the Consumers,
and so they suffer the "Simultaneous
coincidence of wants" - where the owner
of Apples is trying to trade with the
owner of Oranges.

Barter of Work (not Products) must happen
*before* production so those goods and
services are pre-allocated to the persons
who needs them (the Consumer) by
virtue of the Consumers co-owning
the Means of Production for the purpose
of receiving the Product as ROI, and then
swapping commitments to Work (operate
those MoP) on behalf of others co-owners.

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