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Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic

From: Patrick Anderson
Subject: Re: Vertically Integrated Permaculture Mosaic
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 14:12:47 -0600

wayne, steve wrote:

> A) There is initially no guarantee of buy-in to
> the VIPM by professional healthcare providers

Yes, and this is not limited to healthcare.

During the inital 'boot' stage, the VIPM will only be
able to provide the most basic services similar to an
Occupy encampment.

There will be raw land, cold but clean water, tents,
trench toilets, very simple cafeteria-style food, used
but clean clothing, basic "first-aid" type healthcare.

All of these things must be paid for by Consumers
who are investing/crowd-funding/pre-paying for Products
that will eventually be created within the VIPM.

If we are lucky, we might be able to attract some
coporations to give us some funds or products.

If you require advanced healthcare or cannot live in
this way for any other reason, you will just need to
wait until the VIPM has developed further before you
join as a worker.

> B) If I work with a group of people to provide VIPM
> service or product, then a significant amount of my
> time and effort goes into providing that service or
> product with only the promise of future payment with
> some other product or service rather than payment
> with the money I need to seek healthcare in the
> external economy (see point A).

I'm glad you brought this up.

I only partly understand how this will work, and even
that is difficult to explain, and so I have never
written it down.

For as long as we need Products outside the VIPM we
will need plain-old-money to pay for those things.

This requires offsite Consumers to invest in the VIPM
and continue to pay recurring Costs with money instead
of with work.

Maybe a small part of the money these offsite
Consumers pay (both as initial investment and as
recurring Costs) can be given to workers directly,
but it worries me...

I think this money should only be given directly to
workers when it cannot be more effectively invested
for them toward buying the MoP and attacting the other
workers needed to supply the Products they need.

We must somehow balance the worker's need for freedom
with the all-to-common tendency to never sufficiently
prepare for tomorrow.

We don't want the VIPM to be a "Nanny-State", but we
also don't want a bunch of poor workers who are living

One way the workers are being compenstated is by their
recieving some co-ownership in the MoP for which they
need the outputs.  But these assets will not be
immediately productive.

And so, during the 'boot phase, workers must also be
'paid' directly with Products bought in bulk with part
of the funds provided by the pre-paying Consumers and
doled-out by the VIPM organizers.

This is a very dangerous situation, both for the
organizers [who might accept workers who do not work],
and for the workers [who are dependent upon the
organizers to supply them with the things they need,
and do not yet have any productive assets].

> student loans

I'm not yet sure what to do about this.

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