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Re: Corrupt U.S. Congress critters aim to destroy the Internet

From: Red Blade
Subject: Re: Corrupt U.S. Congress critters aim to destroy the Internet
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 00:46:16 -0400
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On Sat, 25 Aug 2012 13:52:56 -0400 (EDT), Anonymous wrote:

> It strikes me that these so called 'libertarians' are claiming to fight 
> for the freedom for the Internet, but only for internet provider 
> companies that pay them so they can milk the Googles and Facebooks of 
> this world, or even create a unique Internet where they control what 
> people do or do not see. This thin veil of claiming to protect the 
> freedom of speech to abide these companies utterly disgusts me.

At last someone recognizes this. C4L's "The Technology Revolution: A
Campaign for Liberty Manifesto" is full of contradictions and actually
favors Internet regulation according to a *LITMUS TEST* the "manifesto"

This document poses a specific danger to copyleft, permissive, and public
domain material, because it attacks the following *OPINION* as "Internet

"Private property rights on the Internet should exist in limited fashion or
not at all, and what is considered to be in the public domain should be
greatly expanded."

It also offers a litmus test for Internet regulation. I think #8 best
explains it:

"8. Is this policy or regulation clear and specific, with defined metrics
and limitations?"

Since when are libertarians anti-private-contract (let alone having a
litmus test for regulating the Internet)? This is not "anti-collectivist",
it's "anti-collectivist-THINKING" (see also: 1984, Mein Kampf)

Read the whole thing here:

Red Blade

President of alt.politics,, & talk.politics.misc
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