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Israel Broadcast Authority website, forced M* www/player software, DRM i

From: John R. Towler
Subject: Israel Broadcast Authority website, forced M* www/player software, DRM issues, audio feed in the U.S., free software, and helping the defining characteristics of speech that is limited to that which reflects the Jewish and democratic nature of the State of Israel
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 21:47:36 -0600
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.2 (berkeley-unix)

M-x search-forward "\subsection{Immediate offense given the context

for the narrowed to subject legal issue.  

The section net slowdown and ff. place the context of that IBA website
design issue which has if carefully done, much greater in Israel, and
then etc. legal force than might ordinarily be the case for free
software issues.  The gmane:linux.region.israel crosspost might be more
on topic as primary, but due to some daily legal threats, and network
freedom concerns which may be manifest in this process, getting through
is a concern.  Not so easy to contact the ACRI about some of the legal
issues involved.  Let the moderators decide.  Someone will take a look,
and the lock on my access to information/news/and
facilities/persons/environments by elements of the police/executive
branch personnel in the Twin Cities, MN area (St. Paul, MN, Ramsey
County, Hennepin County is across the Miss. river in Minneapolis, MN).

I haven't read this newsgroup much, but, I am waiting on parts to print
legal documents and am expecting a 6-10 wk delay due to finances, and
something here needs to move.  I was just thinking a bit about some
literature, and looking at logic papers, and the Suppes critique of what
is science (as redoing everything from set theory and logic is the
slogan of the formalist linguistics I study, and it has come up as
important about psychology in my experience, at the the CSLI
Publications, Proceedings (for the HPSG proceedings amongst other such
conferences).  The First Amendment interference in the building in Net
slowdown, suggests that someone has a problem with my doing research
into logics of secure communications and such, which came up today on
the list.  If police/executive etc. folk are so threatened, ...

\section{Net slowdown}

Thu Dec  6 13:11:07 2012
net slowdown on www services to,

was checking for papers at on not necessary
classical logics of secure communications (protocols)

next page for a search suddenly hung for minutes also hung similarly on firefox, lynx, dillo

encountered some prolog-mode breakage at prolog prompt for swipl-6.3.4
(new from working with 6.1.x and attempts at 6.2.y, etc., not yet worked on).

    to the extent that I only have it ported up to non (X11) xpce due to a
    setlocale, XtSetLanguageProc(), best as I can tell, problem since
    Dec. 2011-Jan 2012 etc with NetBSD-5.1.2/6.0 Beta now Stable and
    X11R7.[3-6]. (NetBSD's version is approaching 7.6 or so, they keep
    their own monolithic xsrc tree, and add in and test things
    etc. libXt1.0.9 -- libXt1.1.3 last I checked.

Quick check via non-X11 library(http/*), (sgml), etc. not immediately
available in emacs for its well-known advantages.

all work since

switch to lynx and

no html page returned and no 403 forbidden (approx) error or request
for username and password as per the RFCs.

ftp -i connects
login as anonymous with my name as passwd works

switch to emacs w3 w3 works by default works returns no data to render as page but no failure code listed

swipl could show data, but elisp to swipl prompt
in inferior prolog buffer does not complete and swipl prompt for input
etc. does not start. swipl-6.3.4, prob. with xpce broken, unsure of

Net status indeterminate at this point.

Men and women upstairs claiming to be cops from via Hennepin,
Elkin's stalking unit, etc. both as servants of Sarah Elkin and as
claimed ununiformed officers saying "we ... (blocked your www
access/net access)...", "let me make this be perfectly clear, you
aren't becoming one of the most feared (unix)...administrators and
using these ... free software ... principles to police the network."

Was an ongoing piece of crap about Jeanette Gundel, linguistics, U of
Mn, and etc.  They claim to be (competent) speakers (topic and
content) with knowledge.

Included were self-identifying elements of St. Paul, MN local to this
area Jewish community and St. Paul Jewish Federation., etc. serving
M''r Elkin and Gv' Marmorstein.  Thu Dec 6 13:20:48 2012


\subsection{Other network connectivity and sites}
Thu Dec  6 13:37:48 2012
bash-4.2$ ftp -i
Trying 2001:4830:134:3::b:21 ...
ftp: Can't connect to `2001:4830:134:3::b:21': No route to host
Trying ...
Connected to
220 GNU FTP server ready.
Name ( anonymous
230-Due to U.S. Export Regulations, all cryptographic software on this
230-site is subject to the following legal notice:
230-    This site includes publicly available encryption source code
230-    which, together with object code resulting from the compiling of
230-    publicly available source code, may be exported from the United
230-    States under License Exception "TSU" pursuant to 15 C.F.R. Section
230-    740.13(e).
230-This legal notice applies to cryptographic software only. Please see
230-the Bureau of Industry and Security ( for more
230-information about current U.S. regulations.
230 Login successful.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> quit
221 Goodbye.
bash-4.2$ ftp -i
Connected to
220 (vsFTPd 2.0.5)
Name ( anonymous
331 Please specify the password.
230 Login successful.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> cd pub
250 Directory successfully changed.
ftp> ls
229 Entering Extended Passive Mode (|||62883|)
receive aborted. Waiting for remote to finish abort.
ftp> quit
221 Goodbye.
--------- no problem. long time wait for ls at /pub, could be size of
dir. tree there, ftp process killed.  Login, connectivity no problem.

\section{No further data, next thing to do.}
\subsection{Going to see the Human Services Coordinator}

Thu Dec  6 15:45:11 2012

Write up of results and notes as data-set about trying to see the
Human Services Coordinator about cleaning services, seen at an
unexpected and not known to be posted Resident Council (of the Public
Housing Agency of St. Paul for this building, 899 Cleveland Ave S.)
mtg at 1412-1417 CST 12/06/2012:

\subsection{An unexpected Resident Council-type meeting}

Caucasian, gray-white haired etc. old women saying at mtg we etc. "we
engineered this control of information/personal contact
etc. environment here in coordination with these (outside the
building) groups (such as Beth Jacob's Phyllis Gorin wife of Rabbi
Morris Allen, statistically oddly given her home in Mendota Heights,
and place of work according to the Minnesota Board of Medical
Practices as in St. Paul, but Bandana Square each about 5+ mi away in
each direction from the Ford Parkway and Cleveland mtg. as I got off
the bus with my groceries on Mon. aft. around 1500 CST, encountering
as a "messenger" of "rabbinic opinion" as rebbitzin circulating in the
back rows of the congregation during services, soliciting views, then
walking by me in my regular place to pray back to hers and uttering
decrees about settling some social/communal matter thus which was such
conveyed to me about arranging significant elements of this situation
including new corrupt rabbinic court activity of twisting anti-logic
textual intepretation claims and a rejection of as Luddites
essentially the contributions of Dov Gabbay et. al. in a new current
logic work on the logical structure of Talmudic argumentation which I
came across (aposite the newest AiML vol. 9 or 10, proceedings volume
page), something about being buzzed in an overflight identified
precisely with the Metropolitan Airports Commision of MSP on the way
back from Israel to use influence to prevent me from going there


     as a person with an interest as per the basis as Zionism, Herzl
     and following, simplistically but a crystallization point
     well-recorded in history, for the foundation of the State of
     Israel and how it was accomplished, he did not get off the plane
     there, get an apartment or sign up for a kibbutz or whatever, get
     health insurance, have some means of eating, getting about, and
     doing what he wants to spend his life there doing, and instead,
     spent the $1300+ USD RT to engage in corrupt backroom deals to
     establish some sort of control structure to dominate me.
     Not Zionism, not in favor of Zionism.

"To make individuals powerful.  Power means to be able to stand freely
for oneself without being dominated by another nor dominating another,
(paraphrased as an appended clause, been a while since 1988) nor the
need to be dominated by another or the need to dominate another"

     the late Neville W. P. Goddard, my 1st neijia (yang shi)
     taijiquan instructor.


to feed this need for a dominance relation and its attempts as
obstacles on the way at manifestation `ad k'an, instead of staying out
of the way, or fixing the environment to make someone's movements
possible, he at great expense, deliberately exerted waijia strength as
corrupt influence to break environments for someone else (here me),

and other such claims of Phyllis Goris who said "we did"..."entire
... Jewish community refuse \emph{Dov}" when I saw her then (as if she
or R. Allen had ever heard of a good modal (and other) logician in
their lives), Temple of Aaron etc. (amongst the synagogues I will not
set foot in for the story of the deserted island and the two
synagogues), the undercover "cops", the U of Mn staff, a U of Mn
police ofc., Ofc. Severson, the stalking unit and Jeanette
K. Gundel....John/he does not ... logic ... President ...Israel
... expert on computers ... and the network (prob. Internet as term,
odd for the prevailing idiolect of the speaker(s).)  ..."  (more
heard, partially blocked on exact automatic recall for now, recognized

\subsubsection{"", placement in the world
and the network and computers}

(The speaker possibly uses Wintel boxes down stairs in the Community
Room or at the local public library two blocks away, or has a such
cell phone or some Wintel box in her apartment.  They also think the
cops (the logical agents of the police power) are experts (in
intellectual/logical matters and especially this) etc. and M* is to be
worshipped for its benificient nature and *contributions* to the
network and society, etc. Perspective.)

\subsection{Immediate offense given the context above:}

Just left the first floor to go up to my apartment on the second floor.
Older man, 5'6-7", black, gray hair, visitor on that basis to this
(second) floor, 160 lbs. from Roman Catholic coalition at 2nd floor
elevators just as I was walking back to my apt. from
Comm. Rm. observation, said just after I was almost out of range, "he
does not say ... IBA, Hm... start an X (movement) to (break) the IBA and
drm and etc. He does not say "refactoring" ... misinterpets ... He is
entirely correct about us.  We will not allow this.  We do have
contacts/influence at the IBA.  We will prevent this."

\subsubsection{Where is this text from? Questions.}

He was seen at 200 across the hall last night talking aloud so that I
would hear his localized public announcement as decrees about my
affairs etc. with "Jim", , an interface point for the Roman Catholic
coaltion involved in this and their claims of network surveillance of
me etc., James Marentic, listed as apartment dweller, and positively
referred to in the corridors etc. as Jim.  A match up to the check of
James Marentic's driver's license.  The entire building does fraud.

The black man read somehow what I posted to various newsgroups including
gnu.misc.discuss yesterday, which was I think mentioned.  

\paragraph{Usenet pit'om?}

How would he know which Usenet group to read?  If he has a complaint
about what I wrote, why is he not doing a followup on Usenet?  

The complaint was about the fact of what I wrote, that it was posted
and they could not stop it, and what interested people might be able
to get done given a bit of information to add to their already large

So, instead this influence/information control operation to undermine and
overthrow the political Zionist, Jewish, and democratic nature of the
State of Israel and attack and destroy intellectual freedom by
attacking free software.

Not a problem.  Clarity. No puzzle.  Considerable local other
identifying experiences of this self-identifying Roman Catholic black
man visiting this floor, and such activity.  Just another instance for
him as a logical agent with mobility.


\subsection{My response:}

"da yidianr jiu hao le"

(Liu De Xiu at a seminar in Rockland Co., New York, ca. 1993-4, very
funny and very straightforward, if you get stuck just continue to
apply single change of palm).

\subsubsection{Law: }

I said at the door:" Defence Emergency Regulations (1945), on
permitted organisations, activities, political activities, ... wrt
what defines protecting the "security/naational interests" of the
State of Israel as political Zionism...including basic law on Freedom
of Activity wrt the prevailing intellectual/social/artistic (re'yah)
environment of Israel wrt this and the 'arikhah of the founding of the
State and the 1948 law on "Prevention of Terrorism" (1948) (as
applicable), etc. to shut down their entire range of activities thus
and influence immediately. At present, the primary source of this
legal position as Israeli law is the JD Thesis, Foundations of Civil
Rights in Israel and the occupied Territories, Yvonne Schmidt, 2001,
for structural reasons of limitations on research materials and
facilities.  It does list and describe the basis etc. of the legal
system and some notable civil rights decisions as they interpret such

\paragraph{Not quite a quotation from a spoken corpus, edited}

(Some women speakers shouted out to quibble about not the word for
that and meanings of terms as a strategy to prevent me from the Basic
Law on Hofesh `iSuq, and I added material about what that was in terms
of cultural/media/intellectual/artistic/linguistic community resources
as per political Zionism, included and thus a summary of an exchange
not a single set of statements as a quotation, above.)

\subsubsection{Reasoning informally sketched:}

The IBA and its web site, design, access according to Israeli law, and
the rest is the business of Israelis within that understanding of
political Zionism as the defining political/cultural milleau, of Jews
outside Israel in that context but obviously not as Israeli citizens,
etc. but not any Christian (supersessionistic inherent in their
theologies) church as it is the business of what defines the need for
a Jewish and democratic state etc. and certainly not that of the Roman
Catholic church with any sort of presence in the State of Israel and
hierarchical, global, organization wrt at least Galileo and the Roman
Inquisition, the recent bit I read about Descartes' dances with Roman
Catholic theology and the on/around optical geometry and visual
perception and the like in their anti-intellectual, anti-science,
etc. attitudes wihout even counting such things with respect to Jewish
history.  In this regard, anti-open source, free software is a
component of this historical position, including burning well-known
early proto-Protestants such as Hus and the like.

\subsection{Complaint inspections and cleaning services}

After this, either back down to check on whether the HSC is free from
the meeting, because of a complaint-inspection originally initiated by
sliding stapled sheets under my door at 11:30 CDT Fri. Oct. 19, after
about 40 (subtraction not machine checked and given the stress,
estimate) hours of targeted threats and other First Amendment attacks
those days since letter sent to

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 16:40:17 -0500 (7 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours ago)



           11:30am 2 day written notice of housing inspec. for
                   housekeeping violations sugg. or threatened, insp. on
                   10/22.  On what basis wa their claim of data --- dates of
                   newspaper writing posts, Pioneer Press, הארץ מלפני יומיים

\paragraph{PHA apt. inspection praxis}

Every other PHA inspection by the mgr but one where the mgr Blia
Jur. then suddenly showed up one morning around 10am when I was up
late, not up for the day, just inspected by letter a month before,
breezed through unprepared and passed no problem, the overall
condition is not objectively all that different, gives by 1st class
mail a week or two of notice, copies in the apt. and the results since
moving here in Dec. 2007.  I would have to check Minn. Stat. 2011
Ch. 504B Landlord/Tenant law on the short timing.  They would
re-introduce the Federal pre-emption as HUD housing to claim the power
to use this, (the lease says two days written notice is the minimum),
having done so before, and as below I need to redo the housing law
work in 42 U.S.C. Ch. 8 Low-income housing, and 24 C.F.R. Sects. 1-999
for a start, on this versus the 1 or 2 week custom.  Later, but below
when I prepare the documents for the PHA, take better notes, system
backups from upgrades and some odd data-threatening fs problems as
caused crashes etc from mid-Jan through Mar. 30/April 6 or so.

\subsection{Community Room which has the HSC office as adjoining on the other 

White haired woman, Caucasion, professional dress but not very fancy,
50-60, working on a christmas wreath in Comm. Rm. (possibly a PHA
official identified in June as having to do with the PHA's Resident
Council structure, not a manager enforcing the lease) after mtg. Seen
leading the meeting.  Human Services Coordinator now in office seeing
someone, a man, too busy to see me about my concerns.  Went back to my
2nd floor apt. and n the course of which, in the Comm. Rm. at the 1st
floor elevators, and 2nd floor elevators, and 6 m to my door, entered
my apt.


White haired woman said "... he just admitted he posted it...he does
not ... (Usenet, gnu.*, *) ... this man ... (has) OpenKnesset too"

then a few moments ago white haired woman said and that these women
were delusional and there is not ...John does not ... (outside this
building)...(university)...logic...that officer clearly said his IQ
was not 103, he was supposed to understand that it was not that the
last two digits were reversed.  (These women said ... and this
correction was posted ...) He does not say his lawyer quoted to him
both those figures.  As far as we can tell, from the documents of the
court, there is no such document.  It is not the case that either the
hospital or his lawyer ...(police)... refuses to answer us."

\subsubsection{Law for MH denial of service and truth issue etc.}

(ADA (DOJ Civil Rights Division) invoked on the PHA here --- vs. their
false claim of mental illness in saying I can not reproduce speech
accurately that I hear, (has been made in PHA forced mtgs starting
5/7/2012 following 5/3/2012 call to PHA Central Office about people
claiming to be the removed Officer in Residence etc. in 200 or 201
following an elevator encounter with an old woman self-identifying as
a Jew and member of that such self-organizing coalition where the
response to claim of a court case involving Jewish community behavior
and waijia brain-damage and malice towards me for which the answer
given the old woman's strident threatening claims and the question,
"Case number" was empty set, further crap of abuse regarding heinous
accusations in the community in the elevator, and my walking out on
the 2nd floor and saying yet another **** corrupt process), the
contents of their utterances available to me immediately in writing,
so that in the same temporal space that they are speaking them to
assert power in the environment and hide by this claim, is available
to me to parse and deal with its logical and linguistice content in as
close to real time as possible.  This was "mentioned" before, and they
have refused (PHA building staff, claim of "social worker" as
knowledge of science, scientific method, reason, mathematics, and
special knowledge and fallback to mental health codewords (with their
knowledge of scientific method and science ????!!!!!! My now ex-wife
was (is) a social worker and was working at an adoption agency in
Post-legal Adoption.  I recall discussions and responses to U of Mn
coursework each of us in this topic area.), which they invoke as
(pre-theoretic sketch of the necessary logic(s)) (presumably Kripke)
frames and models of interpretation with a forcing relation as their
demanded new interpretation to contradict the reality of the data set

I said at my door, open, aloud in the corridor, so that the people in
the 2ns floor corridor would hear if out there, my point of view, and
not go on with their crap about me, waiting on parts to produce
documents to deal with the PHA, and on other things as well.

Thu Dec  6 16:03:37 2012

Need records of the meeting and ID of the staff involved and the
minutes of the meeting.

PHA MinnStat Ch. 13, Data Practices request, and 42 U.S.C. Ch. 8, 5
U.S.C. 552a as cited within it on such documents, Grievance Procedures
and the run-around and lies involved, FOIA etc.

Turnaround time at to delivery of documents at St. Paul PHA, dtwn St. Paul, MN:

Toner cartridge est. to be $167 new since (refurbushed but etc.) since
used ones are unstable and not long working at $80-99 ea., expect
Jan./Feb. sometime until more discretionary spending income frees up
or is available.


Thu Dec  6 16:17:00 2012
Just at my door to go out.

Data set:

One of those women from the self-identifying coaltion of Jews other
than me in this building, or the white-haired woman or some such:

"On this matter, do not misunderstand me.  John does not to use your
Unix term, use documents to fsck the PHA.  John does not invoke the
American's with Disabilities Act.  John does not ... data practices
... John does not do anything ... with his ... (friends and
connections) about this."

Me:" I have a passing acquaintance with the relevant chapters of
federal law and state law.  People will do jail or be removed (from
their positions) or both.  That was already decided.

This is evidence of conspiracy to prevent my access to PHA documents
and data which affect my life here around me and document issues that
require resolution such as police misconduct and the like.

Minnesota Statutes 2011 13.4x on public housing agency record data ,
and then 13.09/10 Remedies/Penalties for starters. (For any such delay
or conspiracy to delay at any point of evaluation in the Minnesota
Data Practices Act for a request for government data, immediate
suspension or firing of government employee in position, ...) Need a
financial bond or in forma pauperis to file with
Minn. State. (Dept. of Admin.) official as admin law for this Data
Practices Act violation claimed.


\section{First Amendment Attacks and the day} Thu Dec 6 20:09:09 2012
I had thought a bit about Tzchernikowsky poems, and had relatively
recently discovered on closer inspection that a literary
biography/analysis paperback had a chunk of actual poems.  The
attached note "Yohanan, tosephet bavurkha ... " now separated
physically due to backpack stress was nice to recall from an earlier
time.  Took a bit to think about that, and the First Amendment attacks
of the neighbors as surveillance and captive audience BS drove out the
space necessary for that intellectual and artistic activity.

On consideration of the project list and the day, the research on the
logics on the top set of projects shifted a bit in today's research
order, and this temporal sequence and this write-up both as posts and
as documentation basis for subsequent legal action with US Mail and
dinner etc. was thrust upon me.

And some man, a stranger came by to yell at the building door moments
ago into my apartment, light baritone, non-singer, Midwestern
Am. English speaker w/o a switch to L_other, 18 USC 241,242 "Captive
audience" --- I have absolute control over the propositions that enter
my home, by itself, that what I am about to post to Usenet, and CC: to
some mideast affairs desk comment area at U.S. Dept. of State, as a
U.S. citizen in the United States, given the rest, was to be stopped
and I had no basis for anything in my experience etc. On eval, Near
v. Minnesota: prior restraint, right of communication, "forbidden
practice of government censorship of communication" (captive audience
decision) , American's With Disabilities Act about denying my
experiences.  Some grating heavy bar. male upstairs as I write yells
down to say I can't say this or do this, in case you haven't heard,
the U.S. Supreme is no longer doing Warren, we 'don't do Griswold, it
is not the case that this is politics, you don't remove my right to be
a police officer."


The St. Paul Public Housing Agency threw out the assigned Officer in
 Residence as per 42 U.S.C. 1437, 1437a (a)(4)(B) wrt (A), and all the
 crap about 24 CFR 1-999 etc. from 201, while they were running this
 crap at me continually, claiming total surveillance on my legal or
 other research, even wrt the lease and the PHA, and thus took as
 surveillance data all of this as legal basis for stopping them, to
 their legal team with its claims of Federal law pre-emption etc. and
 such expertise over Minnesota State landlord and tenant law
 concerning the lease, and everything they knew about this seen more
 than once in uniform, St. Paul Police Officer, Darin McDonald's
 activities against me and variously hiding/around media frenzies as a
 basis for his efforts, for which they would just walk up and arrest
 me at any moment if there were any excuse to do so for their
 agenda(s), with the concurrence of the PHA, and they were told to
 shut down their crap and removed from 201.  On 4/28/2012,
 Ofc. McDonald in the hall, moving said "The PHA decided we will not
 run him anymore.  And it would eliminate this condition/accomplish
 this if we moved up to the 10th floor."

 By 4/30/2012, there were more "non-uniformed" officers in 200, and
 202, to do surveillance, and on 5/3/2012, when I called right about
 1530 CDT, the first non-receptionist I talked to said, "There is no
 officer in residence in the building.  Sotto voce a little: "Hueh (Li
 then the manager or once demoted to assistant manager)" can't do
 that.  There is no discrimination in public housing."

They want to continue to claim what has been lost, as a delaying
action, so I will have to go and check references against their
educational background on average and weapons belts and Continuum of
Force as Coercive Territorial Control (a Chapter in a 2004 Police
Culture text I read in preparation, amongst others) in their control
operations.  I did some checking when they were thus threatening me
with denying the reality of logic and reason in front of them.
Wikipedia lists several entries and tables with explanations about IQ.
As I recall for educational reasons that was not bandied about in high
school or elementary school.  It seems to be important to them. For
what they want to claim about my lack of intellectual ability and
academic skills, there was a table listing average educational
attainment for levels of IQ as careers etc.  Avg. Educational
attainment IQ 100: Police officer ..."  It is an average number.  That
is not how they are trying to use IQ when it is all of a sudden
brought up about me.  I did a bit of checking after running into
Prof. Michael Kac on the morning of 11/19/2012, for the local 12x12
box as a population dataset who refuse reason and logic, and claim
that they can ignore my abilities to use it, and thus prevent the
results by force.  The course listings for logic classes which I have
taken are in the Philosophy department of the University of Minnesota.
Roughly now (not looking at the University academic calendar), the end
of fall semester with finals should be by next week or the week after.
Registration for Spring Semester will begin between then and first day
of class in Jan. 2013.  The Univ. of Minnesota has a considerable
Continuing Education and Extension division.  Instead of bothering me
running their programs on my systems, with their threats of
prosecution and the like with each one, given their manifest abilities
to reason, they could register for Phil 1001 and be in class in Jan. 2013.

John R. Towler
899 S. Cleveland Ave., Apt. 203
St. Paul, MN 55116

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